Kolacz returns from semis to unseat Grau on Western New York Tour

Danny Kolacz fought a single battle on the loss-side and came back to defeat hot seat occupant Dave Grau in the October 23 stop of the Western New York Tour. The event drew 10 entrants to Bison Billiards in Buffalo, NY.

Grau got into the hot seat following a 9-5 victory over Mike Manioussi, and a 9-4 win over Kolacz. Kolacz had sent John Reed west 9-4.

Reed moved over to face tour director Nick Brucato, who'd shut out Jake Manioussi. Mike Manioussi forfeited his first match on the loser's side, which set up a contest between Roger Jackson (the recipient of a bye and a forfeit by Nabil Latouzi) and Bobby Shrader, who'd just defeated Lamont Hicks 7-5. Reed downed Brucato 7-4 and was joined in the quarterfinals by Shrader, who defeated Jackson 7-3. 

Shrader then dropped Reed into fourth place with a 7-4 win and faced Kolacz. Kolacz earned himself a second shot at Grau with a 7-4 victory over Shrader. In a single race-to-11, Kolacz prevailed 11-5 to take the event title.

Tour director Brucato thanked Mike Shriver and his staff at Bison Billiards for their food and hospitality, as well as Nyra Billiards for supplying plaques for the event.