Korea Snatches Victory from USA in Thrilling Finale

Charlie Williams and Shin Young Park look on as Yu Ram Cha makes a shot

Seoul,Korea- Dragon Promotions presented the The 3rd Annual Korea vs USA Pocket Ball Challenge which pitted the two countries once again in 9-Ball mastery. The USA had won the two previous years with team scores of 9-6, the next year 9-7. And true to pattern, this year went to the final match with one team winning 9-8. The 2 day event was held outdoors in the COEX Mall, the largest mall in Korea. The event was filmed and aired by XTM and sponsored by Brunswick Billiards and Predator Cues.

This year Team Korea consisted of Captain Shin Young Park, Heoun Ho Kim (Charlie Williams), Bo Ram Cha, and Korea #1 Woman Yu Ram Cha. They would face heavily favored Team USA in Captain Rodney Morris, Danny Harriman, Tiffany Nelson, and #1 USA Ranked Monica Webb.

Team USA played flawlessly in team formation during the 4-on-4 alternate shot matches and defeated Korea twice the first day during this format. But Korea owned USA in the other singles and doubles matches including Yu Ram Cha 4-2 over Monica Webb and Park's 4-1 over Danny Harriman. Williams and Park held off Harriman & Morris 3-1 in the doubles while the Cha sisters dished out a 3-1 loss to Webb & Nelson. Korea would finish the day leading 4-2.

Day 2 started off with USA again winning their 3rd straight 4-on-4 match up and closing the gap 4-3. The Koreans would then keep their distance with a win on their side and the matches would see-saw back and forth through the day. Highlights included Morris & Harriman's down 2-0 to come back and win 3-2 against the Cha sisters in the Doubles to tie the event at 6-6 and then Williams 3-2 win over Morris to have Korea re-take the lead 7-6. Morris and Webb took out Park and Bo Ram Cha next to tie again at 7-7 and Williams and Yu Ram Cha took out Nelson and Harriman to take the lead again at 8-7 and on the hill. Nelson and Bo Ram Cha played a nerve racking hill hill match with Nelson almost scratching after making the 8ball but instead leaving her straight in on the 9-Ball for the win to make it 8-8 and push the event to the final match.

The final match would be 4-on-4 team format again , and thus far USA had won 4 out of 4 matches in team play. USA coasted to a 2-0 lead and ran out to the final 9-Ball straight in for the win. Nelson went up to clinch the victory for Team USA only to do the unthinkable and missed the 9-Ball! The Koreans leaped out of their chairs and made the 9-Ball and won the next game to make it a hill hill last game and last match for the event. Williams broke the final game for Korea and pocketed a ball, but was left no shot on the 1-ball. Park pushed to a kick shot on the 1-ball and Harriman accepted the shot and went for a saftey kick. But he failed to hit a rail after contact with the one ball! This left ball in hand and a very makeable 1-9 combo which was in the hands of Yu Ram Cha to make. Yu Ram took a deep breath and holding her hand to her heart showing openly her nervousness. She then went down and fired in the combo and made the 9-Ball as her teammates jumped around her and lifted her up in victory! Korea's first team win against the powerful USA was now sealed in the history books.

"What Dragon Promotions is doing in Korea is great and this was a great event. I'm really happy to be a part of it and look forward to coming back in the future." said Monica Webb.

"This is the third year I've played in Korea and third year playing on Team USA. I can tell you the Koreans are getting better and better and so are the events." said Rodney Morris.

Dragon Promotions will be back again in early September in Korea producing The Empress Cup, The Womens Ultimate Trickshot Challenge, Korea vs Team World, and the Women's International Team Carom Cup. In November they will host the 3rd Annual Korea Pro Tour Championships where any player may join and enter this 9-Ball Championship event by emailing koreaprotour@yahoo.com .

For USA events please goto www.dragonpromotions.com and for Korea www.dragonpromotions.co.kr