Krah earns narrow win at Mezz Stop

Matt Krah and Brett Stottlemyer

Matt Krah got by two tough opponents by the narrowest of margins to win the one day Mezz Pro Am event on July 24th at Main Line BIlliards in Frazer, Pa.

The field of 28 players was littered with talent, including such notables as Joey Testa, Eddie Abraham, Matt Krah, Dave Grau, Sean Morgan, Brett Stottlemyer, and Josh Brothers.

Krah maneuvered his way through the field with wins over Lou P 7-5, Rob Vannatta 7-4, Sean Morgan 7-5, and Josh Brothers 7-3. Meanwhile, Joey Testa was keeping pace with Krah with victories over Max Much 7-1, Wali Muhammad 7-3, and Jose Burgos 7-1.

The hot seat match between Krah and Testa went the distance, with Krah taking the win 7-6.

The loss to Krah may have taken the wind out of Testa's sails, as he fell to Brett Stottlemyer 7-2 on the one loss side. This set up a final double elimination match between Krah and Stottlemyer.

The final match would only go one set, but it was a close one, as Krah defeated Stottlemyer 7-6 for the tournament win.

Tour director Jose Burgos expressed his thanks to sponsors Mezz Cues, Billiards Life Clothing, Black Boar Custom Cues, Kamui Tips, Carolina Cues, Hard Luck Sportswear, Run out Sportswear, Inside Pool, Poolonthenet, Allen Hopkins Super Expo, AZBilliards and Rack Starz for all their support.