Krista Walsh wins Tiger Canadian Women’s Pool Tour Stop

Krista Walsh

The Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour would like to thank Arnold's Sports Bar in Oakville for holding its first ever Tiger CWPT event.  The atmosphere was very lively.  We'd also like to thank our sponsors Tiger Products, Tweeten Chalk where “It's Quality Keeps it on Top”, and lastly, First Choice Billiards in Milton, Ontario; Don Broos has always been a great supporter of the CWPT and Ontario's pool cue/table needs.

The draw was a mix of savvy veterans and newbie's to the tour.  Krista “Kickshot” Walsh drew Denise “Da Bomb” Belanger first round and with dramatic flair Belanger advanced to the A side with an 8-2 victory.  Belanger continued her day by defeating Rachael “the Road Warrior Princess” Abbink (8-6) and Hanna Kwon (8-3) to secure the hot seat. Walsh was certainly not done for the day though; she battled through Sue Sepp (6-4), newbie Tricia Ayotte (6-1), Janet Ritcey (6-2) and finally a nail-biter-to-the-end Hanna Kwon (6-5).

The final was set as Belanger had waited for the B side to come through.  Walsh was out to a quick start of 2-0 but Belanger would not lay down tying the score at 3.  Two, seemingly easy, break and runs brought Belanger ahead 5-3. Turtle! Turtle! After a couple of Polar Bear shots from the bar (Yum) and laughs, Krista got down to business winning the first set 6-6.

A true double elimination requires the second set, so a short break by both players and they were back to work.  The score was close the whole way in the second set but a scratch on the 9 to tie it up at 3 may have proven costly for Walsh.  Down 4-2 now, Walsh was determined and made some amazing kick shots and banks. “Kickshot” Walsh defeated Denise “Da Bomb” Belanger for the First and SECOND time ever in her 9yrs of competitive play.  Congratulations to Krista Walsh for an amazing day and your second CWPT event victory in a row!!