Layered Tips Now Vastly Improved

Wes Bond, Vice President at Cue & Case Sales (Pure X & Lucasi Cues) called AZB the other day with some exciting news. Wes has his hands in developing new products for C&C and he gets a lot of input on these products from players around the globe. One product that he found had great potential but with inherent problems were layered tips. Players love them when they first install them but then run into problems that can involve hardening over time, a failure to properly hold chalk, and the problems created by the glue layers as glue does not have the same physical properties of leather and the glues can stiffen over time leaving one vulnerable to miscues.

The research team at C&C listed every problem they could find and then set about finding solutions for each set of problems. “What we have developed is, without a doubt, the best-performing tip on the market. We are now in production with the new PureX Pig Skins and they will be available through fine retailers such as beginning October 1.”

The new tip features 100% pig skin leather from Japan. This particular leather is more porous than other tip leathers so it holds the chalk as well as non-layered tips. There are eight layers of leather that are all engineered to give great cue ball grip and accuracy. And, what to us at AZB sounded to be the greatest advantage of all, their research led them to a new adhesive that does not harden over time. Wes told us: “We want your PureX tip to give you the same playability a year from now as it gives you the day you first install it. Our tip will not change characteristics over time, it will remain consistent. The glue remains flexible and accepts chalk.” Rick Matzke, PBIA Pool Instructor says, “The "Pro Hard" PureX Pig Skin is the first tip I've played with that strokes like a hard tip but gives me control like a soft. The feel, consistency and control of the new PureX tips have been missing from the game for over a decade. Now, those features are not only back, but they are better than ever.

The PureX Pig will be available online and through your local retailers for only $21.95. You can pre-order them now at or call them at (877) 314-2837