Lee Holt wins Blaze Stop 16

The Spot was the site of the Blaze 9 Ball Tour 16th stop where 59 Players came out to play. Players like Danny Basavich, Karen Corr, Julie Kelly, Lee Holt, Frankie Hernandez, Michael Tosado and points leader Matt Krah.

Leading the way on the top half of the bracket was Karen Corr with wins over Mike Lizzio 7-6, Bill McGuire 7-5, Joe Garofalo 7-1, Sug 7-3, and Joey Korsiak 7-6.

Leading the way on the bottom half of the bracket was Lee Holt with wins over Scott Emory 7-1, Tom Boyd 7-2, Jack Weltch 7-4, Michael Yednak 7-1, and Frankie Hernandez 7-6.

Playing for the hot seat was Karen Corr vs Lee Holt. This was a great match going back and forth but when the smoke cleared it was Lee Holt who came out on top with a 7-4 win, giving him the hot seat and sending Karen Corr to the one loss side.

On the one loss side Joey Korsiak was waiting for Karen Corr, this time Karen Corr stepped it up a gear and took control of the match from the start. Karen won the match easily 7-3 sending her to the finals.

In the finals it was Lee Holt vs Karen Corr. This was a great match where Karen Corr jumped to a 6-1 lead in a race to 9. After a short break, Lee Holt could do no wrong. He went on a roll winning the next 8 games to win the match 9-6 and the Blaze 9 ball 16th stop.

Complete Results:
1st Lee Holt $1100
2nd Karen Corr $700
3rd Joey Korsiak $500
4th Eddie Abraham $300
5th Jack Weltch, Frankie Hernandez $200
7th Al Waldo, Danny Basavich $125
9th KC Wagman, Sug, Joseph Long, Michael Yednak $90
13th Chuck Fought, Brett Stottlemyer, Jim O'Hara, Pete Fusco $50