Legends of Straight Pool final eight

Max Eberle

The Straight Pool division at The Legends of One Pocket and Straight Pool is down to eight players competing for the $4400 first prize.

The winners side is down to Mark Gregory from Atlanta vs 'Miracle' Max Eberle and Danny Barouty from New Jersey vs Ray Martin from Florida.

The B-Side of the board has local favorite Scott Rabon facing John Schmidt and Danny Diliberto vs Danny Harriman in a match of the old guard vs the the young gun.

The two highest runs in the event so far are by players who have been eliminated. Johnny Archer ran 111 and out on Friday and Fabio Petroni ran 121 and out on Friday.

Earlier in the week, Scott Frost defeated John Schmidt in the finals of the one-pocket division and won $4600.

Look for complete results from the straight pool division on Sunday.

Complete One Pocket Payouts:
1st Scott Frost $4600
2nd John Schmidt $3100
3rd Jose Parica $2500
4th Larry Nevel $2000
5th/6th Cliff Joyner, Fabio Petroni $1500
7th/8th, Eric Durbin, Scott Rabon $800
9th/12th, Buddy Dennis, David Rowell, John Cianflone, Bruce Perry $500