Lewis Takes The Win

Thirty seven players participated in the KBP Central Florida Amateur 9-Ball Tour held at Fatso's Billiards in Tampa, Florida for a one day $500 added event and the second day for KBP having held the Tiger Florida Ladies event the previous day. This was the first time the tour had held a stop at this room and it was a success.

Jeremy Bell held the title of King of the Hill hoping that would be in his favor and he'd be able to get a first place win on the KBP event, which he has never held at this time. Bell had worked his way through the bottom half of the bracket showing much skill by placing Joe Turner (7-4), Wayne Hutter (7-3), Nomar Paula (7-5) and Julio Delpozo (7-4) to the west side prior to this King of the Hill match up with Tim Daniel.

Daniel who had been working the top half of the bracket went up in his matches against New Hampshire player Dale Derosier (7-2), Buddy Folbert (7-6), last events winner Bill Meecham (7-4), and young gun Josh Lewis (7-3). Daniel then met up with Bell in the King of the Hill match to have Bell send him in a 7-6 victory to face Lewis in a race to 5 on the west side.

Steve Foster, who had lost in an earlier match to Meecham, faced Lewis on the one lost side where Lewis left him in 5th place. Delpozo and Lewis faced off leaving Delpozo in 4th place after a close race of 5-4 showing that it could be anybody's game.

Lewis and Daniel faced off to see who would be the one to face Bell again in the final race. Lewis showed true form and sharp shooting as he left Daniel in 3rd place to place in the final one race to 9 match against Bell,

Bell started off the races with a gusto that made the spectators fell that this may be his first win but Lewis was at all times right behind him with the game scores going 3-2, 5-4, 5-5, and then with a 9 on the break bringing Bell's score 6-5 and his turn to break looked like he was going to pull ahead. Lewis was still right on Bell's heels when a missed shot gave Lewis a chance at the table and tied the match 6-6. Bell again brought the score 7-6 but after the battle continued back and forth a miss on a 4 ball gave Lewis the chance he needed to take the win at 9-8.

Complete Results:
1st Josh Lewis $470
2nd Jeremy Bell $290
3rd Tim Daniel $180
4th Julio Delpozo $100
5th Steve Foster $ 60
6th Dale Derosier $ 60
7th Robert Noon $ 40
8th Bill Bloom $ 40

Next stop is a Dragon Promotions Amateur Event Qualifier on April 30, 2006 at Golden Cue, 299 M Babcock St, Melbourne, Fl. 32935, 321-254-5477. This is listed as a South Florida Stop but Central Florida players will receive points if they participate in this event. For more information visit our website at www.kbpbilliardtour.com or give our office a call at 877-328-7449.