Lipes goes undefeated to take Dishaw Cues CNY Tour stop

Brian Lipes went undefeated through a short field on hand for the Dishaw Cues Central New York Tour stop on Saturday, July 23. The event drew nine entrants to Premium Billiards in Syracuse, NY.

Lipes got into the hot seat following a 7-5 victory over Mark Creamer, and a 7-4 victory over Dwight Dixon, who'd sent Gary Lloyd west in a double hill battle. Dixon would come back to face Lipes in the finals.

Lloyd moved over to face Jason Reese, who'd just defeated Bobby Schroeter 7-5. Creamer met up with Josh Cook, who'd ended Mike Stanton's day in a double hill matchup. Lloyd and Creamer advanced to the quarterfinals with double hill wins over Reese and Cook, and then, themselves, locked up in a double hill struggle that sent Lloyd to the semifinals.

Dixon stopped Lloyd's two-game, mini-streak on the one-loss side with a 7-4 victory and turned back to face Lipes a second time. In what was the sixth and final double hill battle played out among the final eight players (10 matches), Lipes took the top prize, with a 7-6 win.