Liz Cole wins at Malarkey’s

Malarkey's Pool and Brew hosted Tour Stop #3 of the NWPA Tour. The women were greeted with Krispy Kremes by a very courteous staff and enjoyed playing on the vintage Brunswicks, two of which have ashtrays at the corner pockets. Malarkey's with its full service bar and complete menu, hosts numerous pool events throughout the year including Sunday night tournaments on the 7ft bar tables and APA leagues.

A sunny Saturday morning welcomed 32 women eager to play. As the day, progressed the field was whittled down to the final eight who would meet on Sunday. On the B-side of the bracket, Andrea Saenz-Maes, Regene Wentzell, Eve Stockstill, and Suzanne Smith remained to play on Sunday. On the A-side, Cindy Sliva, Mary Hopkin, Mikki Small, and Liz Cole were left. Early in the day it became evident that there were two players that would be battling for the top prize. Liz Cole with her smooth stroke and unwavering confidence won her first match of the day 7-3 and handing Mikki Small her first loss. In her next match to Mary Hopkin, Liz Cole played great pool to beat the seasoned veteran 7-4 and secure a comfortable position on the point.

After a disappointing loss to Liz Cole in her first match of the day, Mikki Small came back with a vengeance to beat Suzanne Smith 7-1. In her next match with Cindy Sliva, Mikki made a phenomenal 9-ball shot shooting the cue ball out of the pocket to cut the 9 up table into the same side corner pocket to take the match 7-4. Against Mary Hopkin, Mikki was on fire winning 2 games right away with early 9-ball combos. While Mary made some great jump shots to get out of trouble, it wasn't enough to extinguish Mikki's fire. Mary had to settle for third.

The final round brought Mikki and Liz together for a rematch. Unfortunately for Mikki, Liz was able to extinguish the fire that Mary could not. Liz jumped in front right away with two table runs. Mikki answered in the third game with a hard rail 3, 9 combo to bring the score 2-1. In the fourth, Mikki missed a long 9-ball shot giving the Liz the opportunity to increase her lead. Mikki regrouped in the fifth game, running the rack to bring the score to 3-2. Liz missed a 1, 9 combination in the next game leaving a 1, 9 billiard for Mikki. Executing the billiard perfectly, Mikki tied the match 3-3. By the seventh game, Liz was in stroke and playing like the champion she is. Liz makes an amazing 7 ball and brings the cue ball 3 rails to line up on the short side of the 8 for an easy out. Score 4-3. Mikki misses an easy 7 in the eighth to hand Liz an easy run out. Game ten, Mikki makes a beautiful bank on the 8 but leaves another bank on the 9. This time the 9 rattles pocket but stays on the table, handing Liz an easy win and a match score of 7-3.  From there, Liz was in complete control. With a table run in game eleven, she is on the hill. Liz wins game twelve and the match in style with a smile and hug for Mikki.

The NWPA would like to thank Malarkey's for hosting the event and Chris Rogers and Ford for running a great tournament.