Suzanne Smith Wins at the Golden Fleece

Suzanne Smith (Photo courtesy of WPBA -

 On September 27th and 28th The Golden Fleece in Kenmore, Washington welcomed the Northwest Women's Pool Association and hosted its 6th tour stop of the season. The Golden Fleece with its ten 9 foot Diamond tables has a weekly 9-ball tournament on Friday at 8pm. Known for its friendly atmosphere and Diamond tables, the Golden Fleece is a favorite among serious pool players. Golden Fleece owner Askar Ahmed added $500 to this event. This tournament also was the first time that the NWPA would have a live-streaming broadcast, and Askar was invaluable in helping to get the broadcast up and running smoothly.

On Saturday morning, 27 women showed up eager tackle the challenge of the tables and the stiff competition. By Sunday, only eight players remained. Suzanne Smith and Liz Cole squared off to battle for the point, while Mary Hopkin, Cindy Slivia, Suwanna Kroll, Shelby Locati, Jo Woodward, and Kim Toops battled on the B-side of the bracket. The point match decided, 2008 tour champion Liz Cole found herself once again sitting comfortably on the point. Mary Hopkin defeated Cindy Slivia in a hill-hill match to win the chance to face Suzanne. However, Suzanne defeated Mary in order to face Liz again in the finals.

Diamond tables have a reputation for tight pockets and these are no exception as was evident during the finals. The match began with Liz winning the lag and the first game. From there, Suzanne and Liz traded games until the 7th game. With the match tied 3-3, Liz played an excellent safety. Suzanne attempted a jump shot which fouled. Liz runs down to the seven but misses a cut into the corner. Suzanne misses the seven as does Liz again. Suzanne gets another shot at it which this time drops and set up for the eight. However, Diamond pockets strike and the ball stays on the table. Liz misses the eight giving Suzanne the opportunity to run out which she does. With the score 4-3 Suzanne, Liz breaks and get a good safe on the four. Suzanne attempts a kick but fouls. Liz with ball-in-hand looks to have a fairly routine run out, but rattles the six in the corner pocket. Suzanne pockets the six but rattles the seven in the corner pocket down table. Liz pockets the seven and then rattles the eight. Suzanne, using a bridge pockets, the eight leaving a tough shot on the nine which she cuts into the corner. Suzanne wins the next 2 matches to go up 7-3 over Liz. Liz wins the next 2 games to bring the score to 7-5. Suzanne breaks making 2 balls. She pockets the one in the side and the two in the opposite side pocket but misses the three. Liz misses the three giving Suzanne the opportunity to run out. With the score now 8-5, Liz breaks pocketing two balls but scratches. Suzanne with ball-in-hand runs out the rack winning the game and the match. Congratulations to Suzanne Smith! A big thank you to Askar Ahmed and The Golden Fleece for hosting a great tournament!