Local Hero Shayne Waltrip Wins the Men’s BCA Open 9-ball Qualifier in Paradise, Corpus Christi, Texas

Shayne Waltrip

The last Men's BCA Open 9-Ball qualifier for the 2005 event was held March 26 & 27 at Paradise Pool & Billiards in Corpus Christi, Texas. The event was filled with a strong Texas field of 36 players. Many inquiries about the tournament came from the Midwest and the East Coast, but those players never showed-up. However, El Paso, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and of course Corpus Christi players entered the double elimination race to 9 event. The matches were on the 9' Lemacher flush pocket tournament tables.

Shayne is 25 years old and went to the BCA Junior Nationals 5 times as a teenager. He has also won the city championships twice (not to be confused with the Corpus Christi Classic). He is now married, works full time and doesn't play in very many big events. However, he ran through the event undefeated and his game just got stronger with every match.

He played 3 matches on Saturday and only lost a total of 9 games. Shayne beat Hector Benavidez 9-4, Robert Perez 9-2 and Bill Fuller 9-3. Sunday he defeated Russell Killgo 9-7 and then met J.P. Kinman from Sherman Texas in the Winner's Bracket Finals. Both players look sharp but Shayne kept running out and took the "hot seat" 9-6.

J.P. Kinman is a very good and very confident player who looks like a "young Earl". He defeated Scott Beams, Shane Evans, James Bissol and Shane Hvamstad before meeting up with Waltrip. There were three players named "Shane" in the top six and all played very well. Kinman knocked two of them into the losers bracket. There Shane Evans, also a very good local player known as "Big Shane" beat Shane Hvamstad from Houston 9-6. "Big Shane" then took on Russell Killgo and won the right to play Kinman for the Losers Bracket Finals. Evans had already lost to Kinman on Saturday and the crowd was hoping "Big Shane" would meet Shayne Waltrip in the finals. However, Kinman cruised to a 9-4 victory, ready to go into the finals.

The Men's BCA Open 9-Ball Championships will be held at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, May 15-21. Since it is filmed by ESPN, there is a requirement to have a single race finals. This is a qualifier and the winner receives the $500. entry fee and a $500. allowance for travel and lodging.

Both Shayne and J.P. were very intent on going to Vegas and playing the best players in the world. The race to 9 alternate break finals started when J.P. took control at 1-0, 2-1, 3-1 but Shayne closed the gap to 3-2. In game six Shayne missed a difficult shot on the 7 ball and fell behind 4-2. Shayne broke and played safe on the 2. J.P. then played a 6 foot jump shot and successfully caromed in the 9. A fabulous shot making the score 5-2! Shayne responded "A dog gets mean when he's backed into the corner!"

In the next race Kinman missed the 7 but left no shot. They traded safes and Waltrip made a tough cut on both the 7 and 8, then won to make it 5-3. He broke and ran out to make the score 5-4. Then J.P. broke and hooked himself on the 3. He kicked and almost made the shot, but sold out and Shayne tied the match at 5-5. Shayne broke and rolled out. After several safeties J.P. made the 1 but was forced to shoot a semi-jump on the 2 ball. He left a shot on the 2 for Shayne, who played very tight position and executed a tough run out for his first lead of the match. Waltrip was pumped up now! In the next rack, Shayne was tough on the 7 and totally hooked Kinman behind the 8 at the head of the table with the 7 in the open at the foot end. Kinman kicked one rail off the head rail and drilled the 7 into the corner! He was very long and straight on the 8, but he made the 8 & 9 and tied the match 6-6. The corner ball went in on Waltrip's break but the cue ball ended up on the head rail. He slow rolled a long straight shot, cut the 2 in the side and ran out to make it 7-6.

After a dry break and several safeties, J.P. made the 1 & 2 but was bad on the 3 and missed, but there was no shot. Shayne played safe and J.P. missed a jump shot but tied up the 7 and 8. Shayne made the 3 and 4, but was out of line on the 5 and tried a 2-way carom on the 9 and good safe at the same time. J.P. kicked and left a shot and Waltrip handled the run out getting "on the hill" 8-6. Shayne made the corner ball and kicked the 1 to a tough position. J.P. tried a long cut from the end rail, and Waltrip shot a great safe. However, J.P. fired in a great 1-rail kick, but was tough on the 4 and then played a weak safe. Waltrip left an open ball for J.P. to hit but there was no shot. J.P. missed a safe and left a shot on the 4 ball. Shayne then ran out to the delight of all his home own friends. He was down 2-5 and came back to win 9-6 playing like a "mean dog"! Totally focused!

The dedicated staff at Paradise Pool & Billiards provided a great experience for all. Harrison Todd, the room owner and the tournament director, considered it a privilege to be selected to host a qualifier.

Complete Results:
1st $1,000 Shayne Waltrip
2nd $755 J.P. Kinman
3rd $500 Shane Evans
4th $325 Russell Killgo
5th $225 Shane Hvamstad
6th $225 Bill Kester
7th $125 Daniel Coffman
8th $125 Ray Tyler
9th $80 James Bissol
10th $80 Bill Hyde
11th $80 Bill Fuller
12th $80 Doug Winnett
13th $50 David Christal
14th $50 John Villarreal
15th $50 Gilbert Rojas
16th $50 Hector Benavidez