Corbett wins New England Women’s Tour Qualifier

Joanne Corbett, Bonnie Saritelli, Wendy Snow, Liz Taylor and Kathy Friend

The McDermott New England Women's Tour held a WPBA qualifying tournament October 8-9, 2005 at Boston Billiards Club in Warwick, RI. The two favorites Sherry Pouncey, the winner of the last NEW Tour qualifier, and Morgan Steinman, who frequently cashes in the JPNEWT tour, were eliminated before the money rounds. Once again tour director Bonnie Saritelli did a great job organizing and running the event.

The hotseat match was Joanne Corbett vs. newcomer Wendy Snow. Corbett won the lag and the first four games of the match. In game five Corbett played safe on the 4 ball. Snow made a nice hit but didn't pocket the ball. Both players took turns missing the 4 ball shot until Snow was finally able to bank it cross side and run out, bringing the score of the match to 4-1 in Corbett's favor. Corbett took game six. In game seven nerves seemed to kick in as both players missed several shots. A miss by Corbett on the 3 ball allowed Snow the opportunity to complete a five ball run. Unfortunately Snow scratched on the 9 ball giving Corbett game seven and putting her on the hill. Corbett came up dry on the break in game eight and eventually Snow was able to run out bringing the score to 6-2 in Corbett's favor. Snow continued to fight back and took game nine as well. Snow's last shot of the match was the game ten break. Nothing went in and Corbett was able to pocket the first two balls then combo in the 9 to take the match 7-3.

The quarterfinal match was Kathy Friend vs. Liz Taylor (no relation to the famous actress). Taylor won the lag by a hair and took game one. Taylor was unable to run out game two from the break so she played safe by nudging the cue ball behind a blocking ball. Friend could not make a legal hit and with ball-in-hand Taylor was able to finish off game two. Friend apparently decided that enough was enough and won the next seven games to take the match 7-2 and move on to the semifinals.

The semifinal match pitted Kathy Friend against Wendy Snow. Friend took game one. In game two Snow was having a great run. Unfortunately when she shot in the 8 ball she made the error of not getting her cue tip out of the way of the returning cue ball. Friend won that game as well as the next two games. Snow took game five bringing the score to 4-1 in Friend's favor. In game six Friend hung the 6 ball. Snow made it but left herself tough on the 7 ball. She attempted a cross side bank but missed and Friend ran out. Snow took game seven then Friend took game eight, putting her on the hill at 6-2. Friend didn't make any balls on her next break. Snow pocketed the 1 and the 2 but missed the 3 ball. Friend made the next three balls then attempted a safety but left Snow a shot. Snow made the 6 and the 7 but missed the eight ball shot. Friend finished it out to take the match 7-2.

The final match came down to Joanne Corbett vs. Kathy Friend. Corbett crushed her way into the final match beating Bonnie Saritelli 7-2, Morgan Steinman 7-2, and Wendy Snow 7-3. Because Corbett was undefeated and this tournament was a true double-elimination format Friend would have had to beat Corbett in two races to seven to win the first place prize. Friend broke the first rack, sunk two balls, and scratched. Corbett eventually missed the 9 ball shot and Friend won game one. In game two Friend scratched on the break again. Corbett played a safety on the 1 ball but Friend made a great hit. Corbett attempted another safety but Friend again was able to make a hit, this time leaving Corbett safe. Corbett fouled and Friend ran the first 5 balls but was not able to make a hit on the 6 ball. Corbett tied the match at 1-1. Friend took game three then Corbett tied the match up again at 2-2. In game five Corbett put two balls in on the break but could not pocket the 1 ball. Friend made the next three balls then played safe. Corbett made a fantastic shot on the 5 in the side, made the next two balls, but missed the shot on the 9 ball. Friend pulled ahead in the match. Friend made a few balls after her next break but scratched on the 4 ball. Corbett took advantage and the match was again tied, this time at 3-3. Game seven was a long safety battle that Corbett eventually won and went on to win that game as well as game eight, putting her ahead in the match 5-3. Friend took game nine but Corbett won game ten, putting her on the hill at 6-4. Friend won the next two games to join Corbett on the hill. Tension appeared to take its toll on both players in game thirteen. Friend broke but didn't pocket any balls. Corbett missed the 1 ball shot then Friend played safe. Corbett returned the favor by hitting the 1 ball and leaving Friend safe. Friend kicked at it and the 1 ball rattled a pocket. Corbett sank the 1 but missed the 2 ball shot. Friend played a safety but this time Corbett was not able to hit the ball. Friend had ball-in-hand but was unable to pocket the 2 ball. Corbett made a combo on the 3 ball, ran the next four balls, and missed the 7 ball shot. Friend attempted a 7-9 combo but failed. Corbett ran the rest of the rack to take the match 7-6 and first place in the tournament undefeated.

Corbett's win qualifies her for a spot in the WPBA Carolina Classic event to be held in 2006. Congratulations to Joanne Corbett.

Complete results:
First place: Joanne Corbett $400 plus WPBA entry fee.
Second place: Kathy Friend $225.
Third place: Wendy Snow $150.
Fourth place: Liz Taylor $85.