Louis Ulrich Seizes The Savannah Open

Louis Ulrich

The J. Pechauer Custom Cues Southeast Open 9 Ball Tour's Savannah Open took place over the weekend of September 15th and 16th at the Southside Billiard Club in Savannah, Georgia. This was the seventh tour stop of the season and a $2500 added event that kept the crowds coming through the doors throughout the course of the event.

Not only was the location beautiful, but the food/drinks, and pro-shop were great. There were a total of sixty-nine players that made the trek to the tournament including many highly recognizable players which added a competitive spirit to the event and made it quite enjoyable for all in attendance. In the group of top picks were Louis Ulrich, Tommy Kennedy, B.J. Ussery, Stevie Moore, Mike Davis, and the list goes on - all in all the level of talent present was fantastic.

On Sunday, the continuation of matches heated up immediately with the day ending with such match-ups as Tommy Kennedy defeating Mike Davis 9-7 in the quarter-finals; the hot-seat match was a clash between Louis Ulrich and B.J. Ussery, which ended with a score of 9-6 and a win for Ulrich. The semis featured Tommy Kennedy defeating B.J. Ussery 9-4, and ultimately set-up a finals match between Louis Ulrich and Tommy Kennedy. In the end, Ulrich was able to maintain control of the match and ended Tommy Kennedy's tournament life with a final score of 9-5.

In addition to the final sixteen players that received prize money, several finishers outside of that list received recognition as well for their achievements at the event, including, highest junior finisher, Thomas Graham, he took home $25.00; Tracy Abbott, captured highest lady finisher and $50.00; and highest senior ended in a split between Sam Staats and Jim Jennings for $50.00. One of the local charities also received a donation - $80.00 was provided to the Humane Society.

Special thanks to Southside Billiard Club for hosting the event and to Tom Potter for his role in assisting the tournament director.