Lucky Punk Lucks Out At Cue Club Big Guns Invitational

By: Chris McDaniel, a.k.a. Lucky Punk

The Big Box Summer Series finale at the Colorado Cue Club September 6th brought in a surprisingly small amount of players.  Of the more than 50 shooters that qualified by playing three Thursday 9-Ball tourneys only 15 turned up for the guaranteed $1,000 added “Big Guns Championship”.  Included on the “no show” list was, what would have been the prohibitive favorite, Mark Haddad.  Mark has been winning the Cue Club's Thursday Night 9-Ball at a ridiculous pace and the $25 Bar Tab Bounty remains on his head.

With Haddad's absence the race for the crown was wide open as the limited field would compete for a share of the $1,600 pot.  Also on the line was the Miller All-Around Award, a $300 American Express gift card.  With this tourney being worth double the points of the first three BBSS events several players were in the running.

The race was extended to nine to make it interesting and play lasted almost thirteen hours.  The finals saw familiar foes with Chris McDaniel, arguably the luckiest player to ever live and can't even spell pule, facing off against Bill Skinner.  Chris had the upper hand having made his way through the winner's side with lucky wins over Chisolm Woodson, Travis Morton, Dino Devoe and Dave Hughes.  But Bill Skinner was going Rambo over on the one-loss side after losing his second match of the day.  Since the winner of this match would get the overall title as well, this was essentially a $600 match.

As Chris would show, yet again, it is sometimes better to be lucky than good.  He went on to defeat Skinner, getting every roll in the book, 9-4.  Congratulations to Chris for being the “greatest pule player ever”…not.

The Cue Club would like to thank the fourteen players and one lucky no heart punk for showing up this day as well as Miller Beer for their support.  Starting September 8th Monday Night Nineball at the CCC as well as Thursday Night 9-Ball will qualify players for the next guaranteed $1,000 added tourney.  Call us for details, (303)450-7665.