Majid Shows Magic on TV Table

Imran Majid

In the US Open 10:30 am Thursday morning losers side match on the TV Table, Imran Majid (England) came back from the dead, after having to sit in his chair while Wan Can (China) ran the first five racks to put the score at 5-0.

But by the dint of some stellar play, bit by bit Imran got the score to 7-6 in his favor, then back and forth until Wan got the score to 10-9 in his favor. In what could have been Mr. Can’s final rack, Wan got himself hooked and managed to hit the object ball, but left a shot on for Imran.
Imran ran out to put the match on the hill, then broke for the win and to the dismay of the crowd came up dry. Wan potted the 1 ball, but hooked himself on the 2 ball, which started a safety battle that ended with a mistake by Mr. Can, which left Imran the run out to get the win.
Imran took his time over the run out and won one of the best matches seen this week on the TV Table. Earning himself a 935 TPA in the bargain. (The highest of the week so far recorded)
Imran Majid (Nickname Maharaja) is 42 years of age, and lives in Twickenham, a suburb of London with his wife (no kids), and he plays and coaches out of “The Hurrricane Room” in Kings Cross, London, England.
Imran started playing snooker when he was 17 years old, and continued with snooker for ten years. Although never on the pro Snooker tour, Imran does have five 147’s to his credit and used to play all over London with Raj Hundal hustling a living playing snooker.
One day in the year 2000 Imran saw a sign up outside a pool room in the city for a Pool Tournament. This was on a Friday and the Tournament was on the Saturday, so Imran made a point of popping in just before the event started, to find out what the event was about!! 
They explained that you have to pocket the balls in order of number, and a few other pointers. Here is my entry and can I use one of the house cues. Yes they said.
Imran picked up the idea pretty quick I guess, winning the Tournament, which turned out to be the UK National final of the year.
He was then advised that maybe this is the direction he should go, and he never played snooker again. Imran has played in the US Open 7 times since 2008, missing 2010. Last year, he lost in the first round to Lee Van Corteza, and then proceeded to win seven matches on the losers side.
Imran loves coming to the US Open for several reasons. It is still one of the most prestigious titles to own, and secondly it can be a stepping stone to a place on he Mosconi Cup, and finally the money. It could be two big paydays: $30,000 from the US Open and $20,000 from the Mosconi Cup.
Imran has been ranked #1 in the UK seven times, and is presently ranked 9th on the Euro Tour, and also won the last GB 9 event beating Phil Burford in the fina.
Good luck to Imran in his next match. If he plays like he did this morning we may be seeing him with a trophy raised over his head come Saturday evening.