Marianne Rinker Beaten by Sean Millican

The Richmond Billiard Tour visited the Playing Field in Richmond, VA once again and this time it was Sean Millican who wound up on top of the field. Millican made his way through the tournament undefeated. The story of the day was of 'C' player Marianne Rinker, who tore up the one-loss side of the charts with 7 consecutive wins with five of those wins finding her opponents with one or less game wins in the match.

In the final match between Rinker and Millican it was Rinker who won the first game and she kept it close throughout the match but the strong arm of Millican proved to be too much for her and she had to settle for second place after Millican won 7-3. Tour Director David Donovan wishes to thank the Playing Field for their hospitality and the players for their excellent competitive spirit.