Richmond Tour Update

Two Richmond Tour events were very shiny moments for Chris Bruner. Winning in 8-Ball at Murphy's II and then coming in as runner-up in 9-Ball at The Playing Field, Bruner was certainly the king of the table at the two events. At Murphy's II he went unblemished through the tournament and dismantled his final opponent, Mike Crowley, 7-0.

Crowley had a fine event up until that last match. He had forced Bobby Hengle into third place after Hengle had dropped the hot seat match to Bruner (4-0). But in the finals Crowley couldn't find either a gear or a roll. Suddenly the pockets got selfish on him and the safety game went risky.

Kudos also go out to Assistant TD Sheri Bruner who managed the field both on and off the table and finished in fourth and to two of our regulars, Walter Black and Paul Rinker, for their 5th place finishes.

When the Richmond Tour gang pulled into the Playing Field Chris Bruner was still hot. Just not quite hot enough. This time he again found himself in the finals but this time it was Penny Flammia who held the advantage. The superior position play of Flammia would rule the day and deliver a 7-4 victory to the ever-strong Flammia.

Third place honors go to Redgie Smallwood this week and Sheri Cunningham left with fourth place in her pocket.