Mark Coats Takes Home Seminole Florida Pro Tour Stop Win

The Seminole Florida Pro Tour stopped into Bird Bowl Billiards in Miami, Florida for their $9000 added seventh stop of the season. With a couple of large events underway the weekend of October 26th-28th, it hampered the attendance just a bit, but the tour still managed to pull some of the toughest talent out there with a total of forty-three players. Included in the elite group were Corey Deuel, Tony Crosby, Donnie Mills, Charlie Williams, Robb Saez, and WPBA professional player Vivian Villarreal.

The event started out a little nutty on Saturday as many of the top names found themselves fighting their way back from the one-loss side. For instance, Corey Deuel won on the hill against Charlie Williams 7-6, only to have Bryan Davalos return the favor and send Deuel to the one-loss side 7-3. Deuel went on to defeat Hunter Lombardo 7-4; Anthony Meglino 7-1; John Foster 8-4; and Tony Crosby 7-5 just to make it to the Sunday rounds.

Prior to his loss to Deuel, Tony Crosby knocked down Tim Hall 7-1; Julio Aquino 7-6; and Jerry Calderon sent him to the one-loss side 7-6, where he continued with Javier Chirino 8-4, just before his match with Deuel. All the while Vivian Villareal was taking names for her belt winning over Ed Kiess 7-3 and Paul Bok 7-2; her first loss came at the hands of Mark Coats 7-5. She then continued on to take down Jason Richko 8-5 and Angel Chirino 7-5.

Other players of interest working through the charts on Saturday included Donnie Mills with wins over James Roberts 7-5; a forfeit win over James Laderia; and Julio Aquino 8-4 – his loss to David Uwate 7-4 and Curtis Kelley 7-2 sent him home. David Broxson defeated Hunter Lombardo 7-5 and Mark Coats 7-6; then crushed Charlie Williams 7-1 and Paul Bok 7-2, before succumbing to Bruce Pou 8-6 who was also having a good tournament showing. Tony Ruberto stayed steady throughout the day and made his way to Sunday by taking down Jason Richko 7-5; Bruce Pou 7-3; and Raul Alvarez 8-4.

The matches on Sunday started earlier in the day with a total of twelve players returning. On the winners side, Tony Ruberto, Bryan Davalos, Mark Coats, and Jerry Calderon. The one-loss side held Curtis Kelly, Ricky Sanchez, Robb Saez, Richard Broumpton, Corey Deuel, Raul Alvarez, Dave Uwate, and Vivian Villareal.

The day's activities started off with the sole female player Vivian Villarreal making her final stand against Dave Uwate 8-4, and then falling to Corey Deuel 8-3, who would ultimately be sent home himself handily by Jerry Calderon 8-2. Calderon then ran into Mark Coats and lost 8-2, putting him in for a fourth place finish.

After sealing his spot in the hot seat match against Tony Ruberto 8-6, Mark Coats waited patiently for his opponent – that opponent would be none other than Robb Saez. Saez had to forfeit his first match of the tournament against Dave Uwate due to arriving late, but continued to power through the field the entire weekend to make his way back to this spot. On Saturday he defeated Patrick Richards 7-0; James Roberts 7-1; Maurice Bagsit 8-2; and Bruce Pou 7-2. On Sunday alone he defeated Richard Broumpton 8-6; Curtis Kelly 8-4; Bryan Davalos 8-1; Jerry Calderon 8-6; and Tony Ruberto 8-7.

The final round saw a battle back and forth between Saez and Coats – Saez made it to the hill first, but after a scratch on a crucial ten ball, Coats was able to join him. With the score sitting at 8-8, Saez finally could see the finish line when he had the opportunity at a two-ten combination shot for the win, but as luck would have it, missed the shot and had it roll back into a similar pattern allowing Coats the same option for the win – final score 9-8.