Martel is king of the hill

Alain Martel confirmed his skills as of one Canada's top 9-Ball contenders today by winning the upper bracket final over Mario Morra in a hill hill match. After waiting for Morra to complete the lower bracket final with last year's winner Edwin Montal, Martel clinched the title with a 15-7 win. In the quarters, in another hill hill match, Martel sent 3rd place finisher Edwin Montal to the lower bracket.

Undefeated until the upper bracket final, Mario Morra had a great tournament. He won a a hill hill match with Erik Hjorleifson in the quarters and kept his hopes alive winning another hill hill decider in the lower bracket final.

Edwin Montal was a solid third place finisher here, locking the door on anyone getting past him. First it was Andrew Aupin who had sent John Morra and Jason Klatt to the lower bracket, and then Shannon Ducharme who ended Ronnie Wiseman's run. But for two decisive games Montal's finish could easily have been better.

Naomi Williams walked away from the championships winning decisively in both tournaments she entered without a match loss. Her closest and only hill hill match was with Mo Seto in the 8-Ball championship.

Young Brittany Bryant offered the greatest challenge in 9-Ball with her only loss being to Naomi in both finals. Brittany won the lower bracket final 9-2 over Grace Nakamura who had won four matches. Denise Belanger came in a solid fourth with her performance in the lower bracket.

The junior championship has been won by a Bucais in two consecutive years now. This year it was McEarl's turn. With both Bucais' in the upper bracket final, it was Marc that was sent to the lower bracket for a rematch with Greg Quinn.

Quinn was caught up in a Bucais squeeze play. He lost to Marc in the 2nd round 9-5, won 5 matches including the lower bracket final against Marc 9-6. He now faced brother McEarl in the final who he eventually lost to 11-2. Great effort!

Brittany Bryant was also entered in the junior championship losing her first match against Tommy Theriault 9-5. After three lower bracket match wins including a 9-6 rematch with Theriault, Brittany lost her match to Greg Quinn just prior to the lower bracket final by a 9-7 score. Having entered three divisions, Brittany was 2nd in Women's 9-Ball, 3rd in Women's 8-Ball and 4th in Junior 9-ball.

On behalf of the CBSA, I would like to thank Shooter's Snooker and Sports Club, Milliken & Company, Wyndham Garden Hotel and Poison Billiards for their support of this year's championships.

I would personally like to thank Steve Cooper and Odie Willet of the CBSA for their timely information and support and Scott Soroko of for his support.