Martinez and Villarreal win in San Antonio

Gilbert Martinez & Robert Almaraz

Fast Eddie's 9 Ball Tour held its fourth event of the 2003 season at Fast Eddie's Billiards on N. W. Military Drive in San Antonio, Texas on May 2-4. The field totaled sixty nine players in the two divisions as many of the regular players were already headed to Las Vegas for the BCA Nationals. Play was still intense and very exciting.

Top picks were Johnny "Ringo" Morrow, Gilbert Martinez, David Henson, T. J. Davis, Al Mason and Robert Almaraz.

The intense play thrilled the crowd as the field narrowed to Gilbert Martinez of Austin, in the hot seat, and Robert Almaraz of San Antonio coming from the one loss side. Robert had to win two sets from Gilbert in order to win his second tournament of the year.

Robert won the first set in a real nail biter, 9-8. The two tough competitors with amazing similar styles of play, wasted no time starting the second set. Gilbert settled right in and overcame Robert, 9-6. Both players gave the crowd plenty of rousing excitement.

Third place went to straight shooting Scott Kephart of San Antonio who turned in a very impressive showing. Scott's level of play continues to improve with each event.

Vivian Villarreal was the talk of the day. Still on the winner's side of the open division Sunday morning, she planned to play in the ladies division which started Sunday morning. Paul Blank and Lewis Jones, the tournament directors, tried in vain to convince Vivian not to enter the ladies event and concentrate on the open division. Vivian would have none of that. She was determined as the little lady with the heart played back to back matches from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Sunday evening. In the open division, she was handed her final loss, 7-6, by Scott Kephart to finish a very respectable fourth place.

In the ladies division, Vivian won by defeating top ranked pro, Belinda Campos, 7-5.

Vivian had the crowd buzzing and in awe. The crowd seemed more exhausted than Vivian.

A lot of people left with tremendous admiration for the "Texas Tornado".

Open Division Results:
Total Payouts
1st Gilbert Martinez $3300.00
2nd Robert Almaraz $2380.00
3rd Scott Kephart $1550.00
4th Vivian Villareal $960 .00
5th David Henson $470.00
5th Bobby Brown $470.00
7th Jim Kuykendall $180.00
7th T. J. Davis $180.00
9th Angel Park $100.00
9th James Davis Jr. $100.00
9th Fernando Colunga $100.00
9th Bill Fuller $100.00

Ladies Division Results:
1st Vivian Villarreal $420.00
2nd Belinda Campos $295.00
3rd Rachel Hurst $190.00
4th Amanda Lampert $65.00