Maryland Open 2009 14.1 Straight Pool Championship Day One Update

Danny Harriman was undefeated on Saturday

The Maryland Open 2009 14.1 Straight Pool Championship at Big Daddy's Billiards in Glen Burnie Maryland has finished up for the day with only sixteen players coming back on Sunday morning (play starts at 9 am) to see who the champ ends up being this year. Even being at the venue for a short period of time today, it was obvious that the competition was nothing short of fierce and overall offered the spectators a very determined bunch of players (not to mention some of the top names in the game).
A few highlights and lowlights of the day:
The high runs started out with Bob Maidhof 70 balls against Alan Duty, Bobby Hunter 68 during his match with Molineiro, and Dave Daya 81 against Dave Hunt. But, when all was said and done, the high run of the day went to Israeli player Zion Zvi with an eighty-three ball count earning a $100 bonus for his efforts. Zvi accomplished this feat during the 2 pm rounds against opponent Chris Lynch.
The only two women players to enter into the event gave the men a run for the money with JPNEWT regional tour director Linda Shea notching up 57 balls against Ryan McCreesh, 30 balls against Dave Daya, 71 against Dave Hunt, and finally 94 against Rob Pole. WPBA professional player Jeanette Lee ran through her opponents with final scores over Jim Heller (100-42), Marc Vidal (100-70), Andy Lincoln (100-80), before taking her first loss from Steve Lipsky 100-9. Lee will return on Sunday as one of the final sixteen.
The lowest scores of the day started during the noon rounds as last year's champ Bob Maidhof took down Don Polo 100-3 (53 high run); 4 pm reflected a 100-0 win for Zvi over Wojciechowski (42 ball run); and the 6 pm matches saw Barouty loose his spot into the Sunday rounds at the hands of Mike Deschaine 100-3.
Scores for all of the matches are listed below - there were many very close matches keeping all on the edge of their seats including the demise of a couple of the top players being knocked out of the event prematurly.
On Sunday morning the top two from each flight on Saturday will start out in a sixteen player round-robin format running in four flights of four players each, playing three matches to 125 points. The four flight winners play single elimination on Sunday evening with seed one versus four and two to 150 points.
The flights are set for Sunday morning play as follows:
I - Maidhof, Ford, Daya, Haag
II - Harriman, Lipsky, Deschaine, Duty
III - Davis, McCreesh, Lee, Shuff
IV - Hodan, Chamberlain, Hunter, Zvi
Sunday play will be streamed online at
For more information about the event, contact Big Daddy's directly at (410) 760-1332.
Results from the Saturday matches follow:
Round #1 (10 am):
D.Barouty v. B.Chamberlain, Chamberlain 100-50
E.Hodan v. B.Keggins, Hodan 100-22
B.Hunter v. M.Ford, Ford 100-75
S.Lipsky v. M.Vidal, Lipsky 100-86
D.Harriman v. F. Wojciechowski, Harriman 100-18
M.Deschaine v. D.Garner, Deschaine 100-33
Z.Zvi v. L.Smulowitz, Zvi 100-44
M.Tetreault v. J.Ryan, Tetreault 100-15
M.Ciccia v. D.Wardell, Ciccia 100-36
M.Davis v. M.Krah, Davis 100-49
B.Maidhof v. A.Duty, Maidhof 100-21
J.Lee v. J.Heller, Lee 100-42
S.Wilkie v. S.Haag, Haag 100-95
R.McCreesh v. L.Shea, McCreesh 100-57
Round #2 (12 pm):
M.Davis v. D.Fricks, Davis 100-30
S.Wilkie v. M.Krah, Wilkie 100-58
B.Maidhof v. D.Polo, Maidhof 100-3
D.Harriman v. C.Lynch, Harriman 100-36
D.Barouty v. M.Frank, Barouty 100-15
G.Mathews v. A.Duty, Duty 100-58
R.McCreesh v. D.Hunt, McCreesh 100-53
M.Ciccia v. B.Keggins, Ciccia 100-63
D.Daya v. R.Pole, Daya 100-33
B.Hunter v. R.Molineiro, Hunter 100-70
S.Lipsky v. A.Lincoln, Lipsky 100-32
E.Hodan v. B.Shuff, Hodan 100-79
M.Deschaine v. B.Chamberlain, Chamberlain 100-87
M.Ford v. M.Tetreault, Ford 100-70
J.Lee v. M.Vidal , Lee 100-70
Round #3 (2 pm):
J.Lee v. A.Lincoln, Lee 100-80
M.Ford v. R.Molineiro, Ford 100-95
M.Davis v. S.Haag, Davis 100-46
B.Maidhof v. P.Burrows, Maidhof 100-20
B.Keggins v. B.Shuff, Shuff 100-32
D.Daya v. L.Shea, Daya 100-30
B.Chamberlain v. M.Frank, Chamberlain 100-69
L.Smulowitz v.F.Wojciechowski, Smulowitz 100-32
B.Hunter v. J.Ryan, Hunter 100-44
Z.Zvi v. C.Lynch, Zvi 100-10
E.Hodan v. D.Wardell, Hodan 100-15
D.Barouty v. D.Garner, Barouty 100-65
S.Lipsky v. J.Heller, Lipsky 100-71
M.Krah v. D.Fricks, Krah 100-60
D.Hunt v. R.Pole, Hunt 100-70
Round #4 (4 pm):
G.Mathews v. D.Polo, Polo 100-87
M.Vidal v. J.Heller, Vidal 100-94
R.McCreesh v. R.Pole, McCreesh 100-56
M.Krah v. S.Haag, Haag 100-41
M.Tetreault v. R.Molineiro, Tetreault 100-65
S.Wilkie v. D.Fricks, Wilkie 100-23
A.Duty v. P.Burrows, Duty 100-37
D.Daya v. D.Hunt, Daya 100-11
M.Deschaine v. M.Frank, Deschaine 100-13
M.Ciccia v. B.Shuff, Shuff 100-92
M.Ford v. J.Ryan, Ford 100-60
Z.Zvi v. F.Wojciechowski, Zvi 100-0
B.Keggins v. D.Wardell, Wardell 100-86
B.Chamberlain v. D. Garner, Chamberlain 100-27
D.Harriman v. L.Smulowitz, Harriman 100-41
Round #5 (6 pm):
B.Hunter v. M.Tetreault, Hunter 100-56
D.Harriman v. Z.Zvi, Harriman 100-86
D.Barouty v. M.Deschaine, Deschaine 100-3
E.Hodan v. M.Ciccia, Hodan 100-20
A.Duty v. D.Polo, Duty 100-48
B.Shuff v. D.Wardell, Shuff 100-9
S.Lipsky v. J.Lee, Lipsky 100-9
M.Frank v. D.Garner, Frank 100-56
B.Maidhof v. G.Mathews, Maidof 100-5
D.Daya v. R.McCreesh, McCreesh 100-43
M.Davis v. S.Wilkie, Davis 100-21
D.Hunt v. L.Shea, Hunt 100-71
L.Smulowitz v. C.Lynch, Lynch 100-78
M.Vidal v. A.Lincoln, Vidal 100-73
Round #6 (8 pm):
R.Pole v. L.Shea, Pole 100-94
C.Lynch v. F.Wojciechowski, Lynch 100-58
R.Molineiro v. J.Ryan - did not play
A.Lincoln v. J.Heller, Heller 100-59
D.Polo v. P.Burrows - did not play