Maryland Open 2009 14.1 Straight Pool Championship Kickoff Set for Saturday Morning

Mike Davis

The time has finally come for the Maryland Open 2009 14.1 Straight Pool Championship which is set to kickoff Saturday morning at 10 a.m. at Big Daddy's Billiards located at 7954 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Owners Richard and Cynthia Molineiro are hosting some of the best 14.1 players on the east coast this weekend as you will see below.
The format is set to hold a forty player round-robin on Saturday, eight flights, five players each, four matches to 100 points. The top two from each flight will advance into the Sunday rounds. On Sunday morning the winners from Saturday will be seeded (1-8; 2-7; 3-6; and 4-5) with second place finishers receiving a blind draw. The final sixteen player round-robin will run four flights of four players each, playing three matches to 125 points. The four flight winners play single elimination on Sunday evening with seed one versus four and two to 150 points.

Players entered in the event include Danny Barouty, Steve Lipsky, Mike Deschaine, Matt Tetreault, Mike Davis, Matt Krah, Bob Maidhof, Jeanette Lee, Shaun Wilke and Ryan McCreesh

For those of you that are die hard fans of the game but unable to make it to the room, a live stream will be available for the final sixteen on Sunday.  Details to follow later this evening along with the results from the Saturday matches.
For more information, contact the venue at (410) 760-1332.

Saturday Matches:

Round #1 (10 am):
D.Barouty v. B.Chamberlain
E.Hodan v. B.Keggins
B.Hunter v. M.Ford
S.Lipsky v. M.Vidal
D.Harriman v. F. Wojciechowski
M.Deschaine v. D.Garner
Z.Zvi v. L.Smulowitz
M.Tetreault v. J.Ryan
M.Ciccia v. D.Wardell
M.Davis v. M.Krah
B.Maidhof v. A.Duty
J.Lee v. J.Heller
S.Wilkie v. S.Haag
R.McCreesh v. L.Shea

Round #2 (12 pm):
M.Davis v. D.Fricks
S.Wilkie v. M.Krah
B.Maidhof v. D.Polo
D.Harriman v. C.Lynch
D.Barouty v. B.Dunsmore
G.Mathews v. A.Duty
R.McCreesh v. D.Hunt
M.Ciccia v. B.Keggins
D.Daya v. R.Pole
B.Hunter v. R.Molineiro
S.Lipsky v. A.Lincoln
E.Hodan v. B.Shuff
M.Deschaine v. B.Chamberlain
M.Ford v. M.Tetreault

Round #3 (2 pm):
J.Lee v. A.Lincoln
M.Ford v. R.Molineiro
M.Davis v. S.Haag
B.Maidhof v. P.Burrows
B.Keggins v. B.Shuff
D.Daya v. L.Shea
B.Chamberlain v. B.Dunsmore
L.Smulowitz v.F.Wojciechowski
B.Hunter v. J.Ryan
Z.Zvi v. C.Lynch
E.Hodan v. D.Wardell
D.Barouty v. D.Garner
S.Lipsky v. J.Heller
M.Krah v. D.Fricks

Round #4 (4 pm):
G.Mathews v. D.Polo
M.Vidal v. J.Heller
R.McCreesh v. R.Pole
M.Krah v. S.Haag
M.Tetreault v. R.Molineiro
S.Wilkie v. D.Fricks
A.Duty v. P.Burrows
D.Daya v. D.Hunt
M.Deschaine v. B.Dunsmore
M.Ciccia v. B.Shuff
M.Ford v. J.Ryan
Z.Zvi v. F.Wojciechowski
B.Keggins v. D.Wardell
B.Chamberlain v. D. Garner

Round #5 (6 pm):
B.Hunter v. M.Tetreault
D.Harriman v. Z.Zvi
D.Barouty v. M.Deschaine
E.Hodan v. M.Ciccia
A.Duty v. D.Polo
B.Shuff v. D.Wardell
S.Lipsky v. J.Lee
B.Dunsmore v. D.Garner
B.Maidhof v. G.Mathews
D.Daya v. R.McCreesh
M.Davis v. S.Wilkie
D.Hunt v. L.Shea
L.Smulowitz v. C.Lynch
M.Vidal v. A.Lincoln

Round #6 (8 pm):
M.Krah v. L.Shea
C.Lynch v. F.Wojciechowski
R.Molineiro v. J.Ryan
A.Lincoln v. J.Heller
D.Polo v. P.Burrows