Massey to hold exhibition during Pechauer Stop

Mike Massey

The Pechauer West Coast 9-Ball Tour will be in action this weekend at Billiard Palacade in San Francisco, CA. While this is a new room on the tour, the owners already have a reputatioon for putting on a great show and treating the players like kings.

One of the players who has already committed to playing in this event is one half of the BCA Hall of Fame Class of 05, Mike Massey. Massey will be performing a trick shot exhibition on Saturday night and admission to the tournament and trick shot show are free.

Billiard Palacade is located at 5179 Mission Street in San Francisco. Further information can be obtained by calling the room at (415) 585-2331.

Expect complete results from this event right here on AzBilliards Sunday night.