Masters 10-Ball Underway

Earl Strickland (photo courtesy of Justin Collett)

The 2011 Masters 10-Ball Championship is underway at the Chesapeake Convention Center in Chesapeake Virginia with a field of 60 players competing for the $30,000 in added prize money.

The field contains a number of top players including Johnny Archer, Earl Strickland, Mike Dechaine, Dennis Hatch, Mika Immonen, Rodney Morris, Gabe Owen, Alex Pagulayan, Jose Parica, Ralf Souquet, Charlie Williams and Shane Van Boening.

The format for this event is 10-Ball, race to 8, with alternating breaks.

If you can't make it to Chesapeake, you can still follow the event with online pay per view (courtesy of the folks at Accu-Stats) as well as our online brackets and real time scoring at