Matt Driste Wins 15-Rack’s End of the Session Tournament

Matt Driste, Nathan Barry, and Bret Banwart

On April 24th, 2010 15-Rack 10-Ball Pool Leagues hosted their $400 added “End of the spring session” tournament, which was held at The Wynkoop Brewing Company. Players who participated in the spring session received a special invite to participate in this competition.  

The formats were players got into randomly drawn groups of three and played 15-Racks of 10-ball the ghost. The player with the most points including their handicaps advanced to the next round.  

The five players that advanced played an additional 10-racks to determine their place in the finals. Matt Driste, newbie of 15-rack's league, won the event with a dominating score of 94, second place finisher was Nathan Barry with a score of 71, Bret Banwart won third with a score of 69, and Rob Nehr and Mike Prewitt finished 4th/5th with a tie of 67 points each.  

The next 15-Rack “end of the session tournament” will be held September 4th, 2010 concluding the summer session of league, which starts June 13th, 2010. For more information on how to join 15-Rack please visit  

Special thanks to the league reps Roy Yamane, Chris Macey, and Doug Conry for running the event and the LIVE broadcasting stream through -