McCarthy Pitches Woo

Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, NJ hosted the Tri-State Tour over the weekend and Ryan McCarthy came away with top honors there after taking the long road home. McCarthy had quite a trip. In the final eight round he defeated Kevin Kemp at the same time that Frankie Scanlon eliminated Dmitry Rozenfeld, Jan Aleria bested Luis Garchitorena and Neil Walmsley beat Dennis Patrillo.

The round of four found McCarthy sending Neil Walmsley home and Frankie Scanlon doing the same for Jan Aleria. At the same time on the winner's side Jonathon Woo was ushering Ben Sadowski to the left-hand portion of the charts, 7-4, while Mike Gasper spoiled the unblemished record of Mario Sahatjian 7-6.

In the next round Frankie Scanlon ruined the day for Ben Sadowski (6-1) while McCarthy kept on going by running over Mario Sahatjian 7-2. On the Winner's side the hot seat match was being contested and this was won by Woo, 7-4 over Mike Gasper. That left Gasper with one last barrel and he misfired it in a 6-2 loss to McCarthy by the score of 7-5 after McCarthy sent Frankie Scanlon home in fourth place at 6-2.

This brought us to the final match of the tournament between Jonathon Woo and Ryan McCarthy. Both men played well and the match was close, but in the end it was Mccarthy who prevailed when he defeated Woo 9-7 to earn top honors in the Sandcastle.