McCready perfect on US Open Day One

Keith McCready

Day one is complete at the 28th Annual US Open with no major upsets.

In the match of the afternoon, Keith McCready handed Chris Cass a 'nightmare' of a match. McCready was playing fast and loose and before the crowd knew it, he had won 11-0.

The evening session held two marquee matches. In the first, Mark Gregory took complete control of his match with Larry Nevel and cruised to an 11-6 win. Nevel appeared frustrated and Gregory took advantage of that frustration.

In the other marquee match, George 'Ginky' San Souci sent former US Open champion Tommy Kennedy to the one-loss side early. Ginky took the lead early and was able to hold on when Kennedy made his run to get back into the match. Kennedy was able to break and run three straight racks, but was not able to close the gap and lost 11-7.

The impending arrival of Hurrican Isabel had convinced at least one player to pack up his cues and head for home. Jimmy Reid forfeited his match against Thomas Teschner and left Virginia.

Brackets are online and will be updated all week long. We will have the first additions to our US Open photo gallery on Tuesday.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe