Meglino and Kennedy Ultimate Winners

Ultimate Billiards in Ft Pierce was the latest venue to host the KF Cue Tour with over 100 players competing over the two days. Saturday would see 59 Amateurs show up for the $1000 Added event.

The day kicked off with Young guns Anthony Meglino 21 and 15 year old Danny Satinoff proving why they are considered to be two of the best young players in the country. Danny Satinoff would make his way to the hotseat match with strong wins over Michael Pardon 7-6, Jeannie Seaver 7-2, Christina Terrizi 7-1, Ben Diaz 7-2, Johnny Aguilar 7-6 to put himself in winner side final to play Anthony Meglino. Meglino's route to the finals would see him take down Kevin Tennery   7-4, Lincoln Seifert 7-3, Richard Knight 7-5, Pierre Palmieri 7-4 and then a win over Prescot Buckwold 7-3 to set up a young guns hotseat match.

The Hotseat match would be a tense affair with both players showcasing great skill and determination, to bring it right down to the last game tied at 6-6. The final game would see Meglino hook Satinoff on the one ball Satinoff would kick two rails make the one and finish with the 2-9 combo set up to take the match and the hotseat.

 Another player looking strong on the day was Kira Brown, Brown was one of 5 ladies taking advantage of the $20 entry fee and went on to have strong wins over Wesley White 7-3, Cassidy Mulligan 7-6 before taking a 7-4 loss to Ben Diaz, She would come back with a 5-4 win over Jay Zink before taking a 5-1 loss to Floyd Reasons to finish in 13th positon and top female on the day. While all this was going on Jim (patrone) Sandaler went on a rampage after taking a 2nd round Loss Johnny Aguilar 7-4 he would go onto win 8 straight matches on the one loss side before taking a 2nd loss to Anthony Meglino 5-4 to finish a respectable 3rd.

Meglino would now have his rematch with Satinoff and this was another nail biter with players trading racks with Meglino eventually coming out a 9-7 winner to Take his 2nd Kf Amateur title.


1st, Anthony Meglino $600

2nd, Danny Satinoff $400

3rd, Jimmy Sandaler $300

4th, Johnny Aguilar $250

5th-6th, Pierre Palmieri, Prescott Buckwold $140

7TH-8TH, Jerry Troy, Floyd Reasons $100

9th-12th, Richard Knight, Matt Holland, Carl Johnson, Ben Diaz $75

13th-16th, Eddie Wheat, Kira Brown, Jeff Mabry, Allen Auman $60. 
Sundays $1000 Added open drew 48 players with 29 Amateurs from Saturdays event taking advantage of their discounted entry fee. The open always brings out some of the best players in Florida and this was no different with the like of Tommy Kennedy, Mike Davis, Rob Saez, Hunter Lombardo to mention a few. Tommy Kennedy and Mike Davis have been playing strong all year on tour and this event was no different with both players making their way to the winners side final. Kennedy's  route to finals would see him take down Tony Crosby 7-6, Jerry Calderone 7-4, Julio Aquino 7-3 and then a strong win over Johnny Aguilar who finished 4th in the Amateur event 7-2. Davis made his way to the finals with wins over Jerry Troy 7-4, Anthony Meglino 7-2, Hunter Lombardo and then a strong 7-5 win over Rob Saez to set up a hotseat match with Tommy Kennedy.

The one loss side would see Han Berber taking names, After a 2nd round loss to Jerry Calderone Berber would go on to record wins over Glen Miller 6-1, Tony Crosby 6-4, John Foster 6-2, Anthony Meglino 6-5, Bill Dunsmore 6-4, Van Nguyen 6-1 before running into Rob Saez and taken his 2nd loss to finish 5th on the day. Saez would go onto defeat Lombardo in another close match 6-5 and would then have to face Mike Davis in the semi Final, Saez would win the 1st rack and just when he looked like going 2-0 up only to scratch on the 8 ball and Mike would not look back from there as he would win 6 games straight to take the match 6-1 and Leave Saez in 3rd position.

The final was another great event with both players giving there all, but this was another match that had plenty of drama and would eventually go all the way to the wire. Tied at 8-8 the final rack would see Davis break the balls and then miss a tricky cut on the one ball, Kennedy would take advantage making the one ball and three to set up an easy 4-9 combination which he fired in to win this match and take down a very strong field.

The KF Cue tour would like to thank Ultimate Billiards for hosting another very successful event and all our sponsors that can be viewed at we hope to see you all at are next event this week at Hammerheads Billiards lounge in Holiday, Florida on April 24th-25th.

Open payouts

1st, Tommy Kennedy $600

2nd, Mike Davis $400

3rd, Rob Saez $300

4th, Hunter Lombardo $200

5th-6th, Han Berber, Johnny Aguilar $140

7th-8th, Van Nguyen, Francisco Taylor $80

9th-12th, Julio Aquino, Bill Dunsmore, John Ditoro, Adam Wheeler $60