Melissa Little earns Bar Table 9-Ball Title

Melissa Little

Day 3 of the US Bar Table Championships concluded with the completion of the  9ball women's division.  Melissa Little from Denver, Colorado came through undefeated to be crowned the 2010 9 ball US Bar Table Champion.  She bested Tina Pawloski in the finals with a score of 7-2.  Tina Pawloski had been sent to the loser's side by Little, and played 5 matches on the loser's side for a chance at a rematch.  She came up short on her effort, and pocketed $675 for second.  Melissa Little, who is sponsored by Wynkoop Brewery, took home $1000. 

The 6,000 added men's division continues on Friday with the final 6 players starting at 10am.  Oscar Dominguez lost to Shane Van Boening during that round, so Shane continues on to face Scott Frost for 3rd place.  The winner of that match will face Thorston Hohmann in the finals.  Thorston has done well in both events, and had said this is his first time playing on the bar table.  The winner of the men's division will earn 5,300, and second place pays 3,400.  Shane Van Boening is the favorite at this point to earn the 2,000 dollar all around money, assuming a strong finish in the 8 ball division.   

Friday also sees the start of the 8 ball division for both the men and the women.  Men will go to 5, and the ladies to 4.  There is 7,000 added for the men's and 1,000 for the women. Check out for further match updates as they happen, and live streaming matches for free, brought to you by OB Cues.