Strickland wins Bar Table 8-Ball Title

Earl Strickland

Earl Strickland proved he is still a dominant force to be dealt with when he toppled 184 entrants to win the 7,000 added 8 ball division of the US Bar Table Championships.  Earl was “pleased as punch” with his win, and added that he was as proud of this title on the bar table as any other he had received.  He talked highly of his opponent in the finals, Darren Appleton, saying, “It's a true champion that can beat me 5-0 in any game.  Look out for him, everyone.”  Darren earned his way in the finals with wins over Canada's Stan Tourangeau, Stevie Moore, Glenn Atwell, Sylver Ochoa and finally Scott Frost.  He also stopped Shane Van Boening's effort to make this event a triple crown win, something no one else had been able to accomplish all week.  Shane still walked away with the all around money of 2,000 with his fourth place finish. 

The ladies division saw the same two ladies come out of their brackets to meet again in the 8 ball finals.  Melissa Little again overcame Tina Pawloski in this 38 player field.  Tina Pawloski had said she felt uneasy going into this match and it showed, as Little won 4-1 in one set.  Congratulations to Melissa Little for winning both titles. 

Bad Boys Billiard Productions (BBBP) ran the tournament for CueSports International (CSI). Ric Jones of BBBP and the crew held a great event, with time posted matches, excellent equipment and ready referees, even offering a new service to text players on their mobile phones with match time updates free of charge if requested. Thanks to Justin Collett of The Action Report who was on hand all week providing match updates, lively commentary, and some of the best bar table action in the country. Lastly, thanks to the Terrible's Sands Regency Casino Hotel for continuing to add the money and supporting pocket billiard events.