Mika and Thorsten Spread Billiard Knowledge in Korea

Mika and Thorsten with students

Thorsten Hohmann and Mika Immonen gave a 5 hour course to many Korean fans and players at Main Billiard Club in Incheon , Korea. Immonen had just won the Korea Pro Tour Championships the day before defeating World Champion Ronnie Alcano in the finals, and Hohmann stayed also to instruct in the Predator Clinic.

The Korean students enjoyed the lessons as well as having lunch with the two champions and getting to know them better.

Hohmann had the luxury of having a Korean giving German translations and Mika spoke in English with a Korean translator. Special thanks to Dae Hong (Josh) and Seong Min Lim.

"I really had a good time. It was an enjoyable experience teaching and they seemed very receptive to what we had to offer. " said Hohmann.

"Well, now that we've taught in Korea, I feel confident in being able to teach in any country. Pool is easy to translate when you have something valuable to offer and a student who is thirsting for knowledge." said Immonen about the experience.

Thanks once again to Predator Products for their contribution in enabling this to happen.