Mike “The Baby-Face Assassin” Davis takes Blaze Stop #8

Mike Davis and Rockaway owner Bob Geurra

The Blaze nine-ball tour made its eighth stop on Sunday, April 9, 2006 at Rockaway Billiards in Rockaway, New Jersey. Players such as Mike Davis, Al Lapena, Eddie Abraham, and Danny Basavich made their way to the tournament. A special thanks goes to the owner of Rockaway Billiards, Bob Geurra and his staff, for making this a successful stop in the Blaze nine-ball tour.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Shaun Wilkie cutting through his competition. Wilkie won by at least three against all of his opponents. When against Kent Wuethrich, Wilkie didn?t bat an eye beating him 7-2. Al Lapena and Eric Grasman weren?t much of competitors for Wilkie either each losing against him 7-3. Matt Krah put up more of a fight but wasn?t any use and still ended up getting beat 7-4.

The bottom half of the bracket was led by Eddie Abraham. Abraham didn?t go easy on his adversaries and took the win against Melissa Burr 7-1 and Wali Muhammad 7-3. Greg Antonakos and Bill Gircenko both fought a hard match against Abraham, but still came out on the bottom 7-4.

Playing for the hot seat was Shawn Wilkie verses Eddie Abraham. Both were not willing to give into the others, but by the end Wilkie came out on top, winning over Abraham, 7-5.

Leading the one loss side was Mike ?The Baby-Face aAssassin? Davis slicing through the competition with barely any effort. Greg Antonakos didn?t have a chance against Davis and lost 7-0. Carmen Lombardo also went against "The Baby-Face Assassin" but wasn't able to catch up with him, losing 7-4. Eddie Abraham put up a fight but still managed to lose 7-3.

In the finals it was Shaun Wilkie vs Mike Davis. The Baby-Face Assassin struck again coming from behind winning 9-6.

Complete Results:
1st Mike Davis $700
2nd Shaun Wilkie $500
3rd Eddie Abraham $300
4th Carmen Lombardo $200
5th/6th Eric Grasman/ Greg Antonakos $150
7th/8th Wali Muhammad/ Matt Krah $125