Mike Davis Wins Blaze Stop 14

Mike Davis and Owner Ernie Arcaro

Atlantic City Billiards Club hosted the Blaze 9 Ball Tour 14th stop. Special thanks goes out to Ernie Arcaro and staff for a wonderful job.

A field of 35 players came out to play, players like Mike Davis, Jerry Slivka, Alan Hopkins, Eddie Abraham, and Shaun Wilkie were some of the men in to tourney. The ladies that came out to play were Liz Ford, Dawn Hopkins, Sueyen Rhee, Kathy Friend, Cyndi Haefner, and Sharon O'Hanlon. I want to thank the ladies for coming out to play.

Leading the top half the bracket was Mike Davis with wins over Paul Libios, Shawn Toni, Lou Guynee, and Alan Hopkins. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Jerry Slivka with wins over Joseph Testa, Gary Barnish, and Eddie Abraham.

Playing for the hot seat was Mike Davis vs Jerry Slivka, the match went back and forth with Mike Davis pulling it out at the end 7-5, to earn the hot seat and sending Jerry Slivka to the one lost side. On the one lost side it was Eddie Abraham Vs Jerry Slivka, Jerry took control of the match half way through the set and won the match 7-5, sending him to the finals to face Mike Davis in a rematch.

In the finals it was Mike Davis vs Jerry Slivka, this was a great match that went to double hill but when it was all said and done Mike Davis pulled out the win 9-8

Complete Results:
1st Mike Davis $750
2nd Jerry Slivka $400
3rd Eddie Abraham $300
4th Allen Hopkins $225
5th Billy Kirshner $175
5th Shaun Toni $175
7th Lou Guynee $125
7th VJ McGlone $125
9th David Abraham $80
9th Bill Smith Jr. $80
9th Jay Jones $80
9th Gary Barnish $80