Min Tables and OB Cues Present Pro Pool School in Viet Nam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Vietnam billiard fans will get a first time ever treat as Dragon Promotions continues its successful pool program with the Table Min Pro Pool School & Show in Ho Chi Minh City at the International Billiards Club on July 5, 2012.  OB Cues and Takini Cloth will also be sponsoring the events which include pool school, OB Cues Tournament, and challenge the pro with world renown professional and coach, Charlie "Korean Dragon" Williams.

"Min Table is excited to sponsor this event and also host at one of our exclusive locations. Dragon Promotions is the leader in international billiards promotions and we are happy to be the first ones to bring them to Vietnam. Billiards is growing bigger and bigger here and we like to do whatever we can to support it", said Sang Jun Min  , President of Table Min & Takini Cloth.

Min Table was founded in 2005 and is already established as the top billiard and pool table manufacturer in South Korea. Min Table has been the Official Table of major international televised championships including The Predator International Championship and the Korea Pro Tour Championships. Min Table has been featured on ESPN Star, ABS-CBN Philippines, MBC ESPN, and CJ Media networks. Min Tables can be found in South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, and the United States.  Min Table is also the parent company of Takini Cloth which both are located in Icheon City, Korea  and can be reached at +82- (0) 31-634-6601 and  mintable@naver.com  . Please visit www.mintable.co.kr

"We are really thrilled at the growth and international interest OB Cues is receiving these days. Vietnam is another great market we have growing interest in and we are happy to lend a hand in supporting the billiards community there and our distributor. All OB Cues are crafted in the USA and we are pleased to see growing interest in the Far East for "made in America" products", said Royce Bunnell, President of OB Cues.

"I'm totally thrilled to be going to Vietnam for the very first time. I love meeting pool fans from all over the world and looking forward to making new friends and fans. I have great Vietnamese tennis friends back home in Orlando and my mom used to babysit for a couple of my Vietnamese friend's babies. Plus I love Vietnamese food! It's going to be a blast !", said Charlie Williams.  The Korean Dragon is still ranked 16th out of the Americans while he still balances his promoter and pro coaching jobs at Dragon Promotions.

The event will feature a special limited number of students for the private pool school during the day, but will be open for a free clinic at night. A free OB Cues tournament will also take place for all attendees. Fans and players will enjoy these activities led by professional touring champion Charlie Williams. Williams has won several major titles and also coached top ranking pro players as well as captained Team USA for the Mosconi Cup. Follow Charlie at https://www.facebook.com/koreandragon and all DP news and players at https://twitter.com/Dragonpromoter

"OB Cues is pleased to be a part of these successful Dragon Promotions programs. It's important to not just assist with the major championships, but also to support the pool players and the poolrooms that those players support. OB Cues is excited to have players in Asia experience the accuracy, feel and technology of our OB Shafts and OB Cues which are engineered and manufactured in the USA", says Shane Sinnott, Director of Sales & Marketing for OB Cues.