Mitchell Proves She Owns the Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour In More Ways Than One

Stephanie Mitchell

20 Women including stars such as Jeannie Seaver and Shannelle Lorraine came from all around Florida and Georgia to compete in this month's BAAT tournament at Stroker's Billiards in Palm Harbor, FL.
Making it into the money rounds were Amy Chen from Atlanta, Georgia who posted wins over two of this tournament's top competitors, Jeannie Seaver (5-3) and Michell Monk(5-1). She then fell victim to tournament owner Stephanie Mitchell (5-2). On the one loss side she ran into Monk again who was out for revenge and took the match with a 6-1 score leaving Chen to settle for 5th place and $50. Also having to settle for 5th was Niki Rassmussen who had her own run in with Seaver in the early round but, without the good outcome. She then went to the loser's bracket and had to face another tough player Helene Caukin. She won that match and went on to win 3 more before she reached a roadblock in suprising up and comer Samantha Huber.
With a score of 4-3 Huber forced Monk to settle for 4th place and $100. Samantha then faced Stacey Lantz. Lantz is always a strong competitor on the tour and showed it until she had to face Mitchell followed by Huber. Huber sent her home in 3rd place with a score of 4-1. Stacey earned $150 for her day playing pool at Strokers.
This win sent Huber back to the winner's side of the board to face queen of the hill, Stephanie Mitchell. Mitchell had played strong all day. She never allowed an opponent more than 2 wins in any match. This match was no exception. Mitchell claimed the first place prize and $300 for her 5-2 win over Huber. Huber received $225 for her 2nd place finish.
Lucasi Hybrid, Sterling Gaming and Stroke It Wear and Tiger Products are the main stars of our tournaments. Without them we couldn't get such great rooms like Stroker's to be able to hold our tournaments or give out great prizes to our players that come one out of the money. This month Lisa Parsons and Melissa Morlan were the lucky recipients of our one out of the money gift bags.
Thank you to our sponsors, players and fans for helping us put on another great event!