Morlan wins Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour Stop

Strokers in Tampa, Florida hosted the May edition of the Tiger Bay Area Amateur Tour. Even missing some of the tour's top performers, there was no shortage of talent at this event.

Rising to the top was February's winner, Melissa Morlan. She sent Michell Monk to the one loss side to claim the hotseat. Michell had to wait for another chance at the tables while Stephanie Mitchell faced off against Jamie Toennies and Mary Pendleton Brown battled with Sabra MacArthur Beahn.

Stephanie sent Jamie home in 5th place with a one out of the money gift bag. Mary delivered the same present to Sabra. Mitchell took first blood in the match against Brown. Mary quickly fought back with two wins of her own, but Stephanie kicked into gear and took the next four games to win the match.

Next it was Mitchell and Monk fighting it out to see who would get to play the Morlan in the finals. Again it was Stephanie to strike first with two games. Monk fought back and won the next four to take a decisive lead. After trading game for game the score was finally hill hill. Stephanie played a safe on the five ball, but watched in horror as the ball went two rails to find a pocket. She was hooked on the six. She kicked and made a ball,  but the pool gods were unkind again as she scratched and left Michell an easy three ball out for the win

The final match started off with a safety battle followed by another and another. Most of them won by Monk as she took yet another decisive lead of 4-1. Then slowly things changed in Morlan's favor. Melissa won a game, then Michell won one. After Melissa made the next very long very straight nine ball they were on the hill at 5 games for Monk and 3 games for Morlan. One last safety battle and Morlan came out on top. This would be her second win of the season ousting last year's points winner the first time and this year's points leader this time.

Jose Del Rio, room owner of Strokers Tampa was thrilled with the products he received from Tiger Products, wonderful cases from Sterling-Gaming and the great feel of the Lucasi Hybrid cue. The ladies also enjoyed presents they recieved from Stroke It Wear, Ray Martin and Strok-IN-Style. Thanks to everyone for helping to support another BAAT event!