Morra Impressive In Canadian Snooker Championships Debut

John Morra

Young pool player John Morra stole the hearts of many of the fans at Shooters Snooker & Sports Bar in Toronto, ON on day 1 of the 2008 Canadian Snooker Championships. He started off the event with a white wash 4-0 victory over Bob Massia.  In his second match he drew the defending champion, Floyd Ziegler. After Ziegler jumped into a 3-1 lead, Morra fought back to knot the best of 7 affair at three. In the decisive 7th. game, Morra jumped to a 45 point lead with 3 reds left on the table. The defending champ then ran the table with a 51 clearance, to claim victory in the most thrilling match of the opening day of play.

Kirk Stevens, formerly ranked #3 in world, ended the day with the only century break of 110, in his 4-1 win over Ken Shea. Stevens was known the world over for his white tuxedo & his flamboyant personality in the prime of his career in the UK.

Following are the results for all the daily matches:

Group A:

John Morra 4  Bob Massia 0
Claude Bernatchez 4 John White 2
Floyd Ziegler 4 John Morra 3

Group B:

Tom Finstad 4 Jason Lee 1
Jack MacKinnon 4 Jean Michel Anctil 3

Group C:

Alain Robidoux 4 Brad Grierson 0
Ian Ngan 4 Demos Zachariou 2

Group D:

Jonathan Sun 4 Adrian Barrett 0
Lester Mianskum 4 Adrian Barrett 0
Robert Azevedo 4 Bill Cormylo 2

Group E:

Ed Galati 4 Jason Heckbert 0
Peter Terpstra 4 Eriks Malderis 3

Group F:

Stan Chartrand 4 Rob Waddell 2
Rob Waddell 4 Fern Loyer 3
Kirk Stevens 4 Ken Shea 1

Group G:

Ray Saunders 4 Dan Kelly 1
Don Chomiski 4 Dan Kelly 3
Stephane Martineau 4 Terry Davidson 3

Group H:

Jeff Kennedy 4 Phil Snache 2
Pat McCarthy 4 Rex Hui 2