Name the Club Contest Finds a Winner

Jim Wych and his partner in their new club venture, John White, have been running an online contest to find a name for their new Toronto club. Well, no one hit exactly what they finally picked but one AZB member, Muddawg, got so close with his entry that they credit their final idea to him as the inspiration and so he will get his choice of an OB break cue or an OB Sneaky Pete with choice of shafts.

Muddawg had suggested The Corner Pocket, and both Wych and White liked that but as they kicked it around they had it morph into The Corner Bank and that is the name they will be using for their new club. The Corner Bank will locate at 925 Warden Avenue E at the corner of Wardon and Ashtonbee Avenues.

These two long-time friends, who both also happen to be former Canadian National Snooker Champions, are creating a nearly 14,000 square foot room with a 3,000 square foot patio. The bar is 55 feet long and the room contains 30 Diamond Tables consisting of 16 seven footers and 14 nine footers. There are also six professional snooker tables in the room all equipped with Match Number 10 professional snooker cloth as used in all the World Snooker Association tournaments.

The Corner Bank will open in late February and the patio will open as soon as Spring allows.