Nevel and Holmes win Burrkats Viking Stop

Larry Nevel and Sparky Ferrell

This weekend, June 7-8 the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour came to Burrkats Billiards in Monroe. NC . The events hosted 68 participants including champions such as Dennis Hatch, Shawn Putnam, Larry Nevel, Ronnie Wiseman and Sparky Ferrell. The competition was fierce as opponents battled for their share of the $4,550 prize fund.

Larry Nevel dominated the Open Division taking first place undefeated sending all in his path to the left side of the chart. Nevel drew a bye in the first round and proceeded to make short work of all in his path with his crushing break and control of his cue beginning with Bert Murphy 9-0; Zach Bock 9-2; Shawn Putnam 9-3; Eddie Little 9-6; Dennis Hatch 9-5; then taking the win in the first set of the finals against Sparky Ferrell 9-4.

Sparkey Ferrell earned 2nd place by mostly roaring through the 1-loss side. Ferrell began his trek to the finals with a bye in round one then defeated Mike Champagne 9-2 before facing Shawn Putnam who defeated Sparky 9-5 sending him to the one loss side where his had to battle his way back defeating Keith Kostsycki 7-3; Zach Bock 7-1; Jeff Abernathy 7-4; Ron Wiseman 9-8; Eddie Little 9-2; Shawn Putnam 9-3; and in the semi finals Ferrell defeated Dennis Hatch 9-6 to make his way back to the right side of the chart to face Nevel.

Dennis Hatch, the fans pick as the favorite to win the event began his work in the bottom of the bracket where other pros were found. Hatch drew a bye in the first round then whent on to defeat Terrie Janis 9-0; Mike Janis 9-3; Jim Jennings 9-5; Jeff Pruitt 9-3; Hatch then unexpectedly lost the match for the Hot Seat to Nevel 9-5 sending him to face Ferrell in the semi finals where he lost to Ferrell 9-6 placing him in 3rd.

The Open Division Payouts:
1st $1850 Larry Nevel
2nd $1050 Sparky Ferrell
3rd $650 Dennis Hatch
4th $400 Shawn Putnam
5/6th $150 each Eddie Little / Jeff Pruitt
7/8th $100 each Craig Gardner / Ronnie Wiseman

The Viking Cue "Amateur" 9-Ball Tour hosted it's share of up and coming champions including Eric " Easy E" Charlton sponsored by The Action Report, Billy Holmes, Ed "Killer" Killough, Fast Eddie Little and Kevin Varney sponsored by Varney Cues.

Billy Holmes took his second 1st place win in the Amateur Division. Holmes rolled thru the bottom half of the bracket undefeated sending his opponents to the one loss side one after another. Raul Ortiz 5-3; Bob Beasley 5-1; Mike Templeton 5-1; Daniel Gambill 5-2; Holmes went hill-hill against Eric "Easy E" Charlton in the match for the hot seat defeating him 5-4 only to face Charlton again in the finals in another hill-hill match Holmes took 1st in set one 5-4.

Eric "easy-e" Charlton begin his trip to the finals in the top half of the bracket drawing a bye in round one and proceeding to defeat Keith Kostsycki 5-3; Kevin Varney 5-4; Jeff Pate 5-1; Charlton was sent to the semi finals by Holmes 5-4 where he defeated Kevin Varney in another hill-hill match sending Varney home and himself to the finals to face Billy Holmes again.

Kevin Varney of Varney Cues took 3rd place after defeating David Dees 5-1; Marvin Reed 5-4; before his loss to Eric Charlton 5-4; once on the one loss side Varney defeated Jeff Howell 5-1; Robin Hill 5-0; Cory Hockenberry 5-4 before losing the semi finals to Charlton 5-4.

The Amateur Division Payouts:
1st $560 Billy Holmes
2nd $400 Eric Charlton
3rd $260 Kevin Varney
4th $100 Corey Hockenberry

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour and Staff would like to extend a thank you to Burrkat's Billiards owner Max Terry and his staff for hosting these events and to all the participants. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events Visit the Viking Tours updated website at for tour schedule.