Stallings and Holmes top Goose Creek Viking Stop

May 10th & 11th Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour open and amateur events where hosted by Weekend's Pub in Goose Creek, S.C. whose owner Herman Stiles and manager Mel Johnson consistently prove to be loyal supporters of our sport. Stiles has organized and formed new APA leagues at his establishment and hosts the ACS as well as playing host to regional tour events.

The Open Division was won by John Stallings, the #1 ranked league player in the area. Stallings steamed rolled thru the field of stiff competition without stalling or slowing down by going undefeated to take home the $1000 first prize. Along his path to 1st he defeated Brian White 9-7; Mike Basha 9-5; Biff Bowden 9-6; Paul Durgin 9-5; and in the finals JR Rossman 9-2.

JR Rossman from Columbus, GA received his share of the prize fund when he placed 2nd after defeating Paul Smith 9-5; Mike Staubes 9-3; before his hill-hill loss to Paul Durgin sent him to the one-loss side where he made his way back to the right side of the chart eliminating Mike Basha 9-2; then in the quarter finals he battled againstle Brian White, Rossman was down 2-3 against White before hitting a hot streak and running out 5 games allowing White one shot in the 11th game to take the quarter finals 9-3; Rossman defeated Durgin 9-5 in the semi finals which moved him back to the right side of the chart to play in the finals against John Stallings.

Open Division Payouts: (Tournament Prize Money Only)
1st $1000 John Stallings
2nd $505 JR Rossman
3rd $300 Paul Durgin
4th $200 Brian White
5/6th $125 each Mike Basha / Biff Bowden

The Amateur Division was won by Billy Holmes from Augusta, Ga after hedouble dipped Billy Sikes for the win. This is Holmes first big win on The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour. Holmes has participated in 8 of our events.

Holmes began his work by defeating Paul Durgin 7-3 before he was sent to the one loss side by Sikes 7-4 once on the left side of the chart he defeated Rick Blick 7-2; Mike Basha 7-4; sending to face Durgin once again in the quarter finals his 7-1 win sent him to face Glenn Smith in the semi finals 7-4 and on to face Sikes again in the finals where he won set #1--7-4 ; set #2--7-4.

Sikes rolled thru the top half of the bracket undefeated sending his competitors to the other side beginning with Begondae Moore 7-3; Billy Holmes 7-4; Mel Johnson 7-1; Glenn Smith 7-2; before his double loss to Holmes placing him in 2nd.

Amateur Division Payouts
1st $350 Billy Holmes
2nd $200 Billy Sikes
3rd $125 Glenn Smith
4th $ 75 Paul Durgin