Seagraves and Sikes Score Weekends Wins

Barbox 9-ball was the game this weekend at Weekends Pub in Goose Creek, SC where a field of fifty one players were in attendance for the latest tour stop on the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour. Of the 51 players in the event 6 Junior players and 6 Women players took advantage of the free entry and tour card fees offered in the new program from the Viking Tour. Additionally, 3 Military discounts were taken advantage of at the event.

Local favorites Donnie Seagraves Jr and John Stallings flexed their pool playing muscle and went through Saturday play undefeated. Sunday morning saw there two face off against each other and Seagraves came out on top 9-8. Next up for Seagraves was Larry Jackson who fell 9-2 sending Seagraves to the hot-seat.

On the one loss side Jackson found Stallings waiting after wins over Liel Gay and Mike Staubes. Stallings scored a 9-5 win over Jackson to earn another shot at Seagraves in the finals. Any momentum that Stallings had going into the finals was quickly shut down as Seagraves cruised to a 9-3 victory.

On Sunday, a twenty four player amateur event was held and Billy Sikes from Savannah Georgia crushed the field for the win. Sikes win/loss record for the event was 30 wins and six losses.

Open Event Payouts:
1st Donnie Seagraves JR $1,650
2nd John Stallings $1,000
3rd Larry Jackson $600
4th Mike Staubes $ 350
5th/6th Leil Gay, JR Rossman $160
7th/8th Jimmy Lewellyn, Val Cruz $80

Amateur Event Payouts:
1st Billy Sikes $700
2nd Mike Basha $450
3rd Paul Harvell $300
4th Glenn Smith $170
5th/6th Paul Durgin, Frank Garrison $70