New AzSTC (Arizona State Tournament Committee) Needed to Fill Void

The BCA Pool League (BCAPL) was informed by Lynn Shoemaker, Treasurer of the AzBCA, that the association will cease to exist after the State Scotch Doubles tournament.

The BCAPL wishes to thank the association for their efforts in guiding the Arizona BCAPL players and commend their hard work and commitment to pool. The association has been a force in Arizona and their structure will be missed. Thank you Diana, Ann, Lynn and all who have served over time to keep pool a viable entity in Arizona.

It is important in this time of change for all Arizona BCAPL players to understand what direction BCAPL sanctioned pool is taking in Arizona. To understand this, we all must understand the history that sought to create state associations.

Years ago, the Billiard Congress of America established a policy of rebating $1.00 per player for every player in a state that formed state associations. Arizona was one of approximately 15 states that did so. From year to year, the association would submit required documents in order to receive the funds that were to be used primarily as added money for sanctioned state tournaments.

When the BCAPL acquired operational control of the league system June 2004, we found it advantageous to expand this policy to encompass all BCAPL players regardless of their affiliation with any state association. This expanded program allows states to independently sanction BCAPL state tournaments and have added money awarded to each state based on the number of sanctioned players in their previous league year.

In Arizona's case, this translates to $1,467 that the BCAPL will add to a sanctioned state tournament. We will contact all League Operators and avid BCAPL supporters in Arizona and organize a steering committee to continue the formulation of sanctioned state events.

We have asked AZ Billiards to be the catalyst and assist the BCAPL in getting the word out about the new state tournament steering committee.

If you are a BCAPL sanctioned league member, a sanctioned league operator or an avid supporter of the BCAPL in Arizona, and want to be part of the new Arizona State Tournament Committee (AzSTC), you may send an email to, subject line: AzSTC. Please include in the body of your email why you feel you would be an asset to AzSTC.

Once again, our thanks go out to the AzBCA for all their time and efforts in promoting pool in Arizona.