New Book Release from ACS Instructor Anthony Beeler – UNSTOPPABLE!

American CueSports Alliance (ACS) certified instructor Anthony Beeler has just released a new book entitled, Unstoppable! Positive Thinking for Pool Players.  
“NEGATIVE THINKING” can be a pool player’s worst enemy. It can make professionals play like amateurs, alter pool strokes, and cause “straight-in” shots to go awry.  Most players understand this, but do not have the knowledge required to overcome it. That’s where Unstoppable! comes in, a revolutionary new book on the mental aspects of pool. Emphasizing the need to replace “Negative Past Experiences” with a commitment to mastering "The Process," Beeler's approach will not only teach players how to maintain a “POSITIVE ATTITUDE” it will also make playing the game of pool fun again.
Unstoppable! is now available for purchase online through the author’s website,, and other fine retailers. The book is 151 pages long and is filled with numerous diagrams.  The book retails for $36.95 and comes with free U.S. shipping.  Bookstores should contact for wholesale orders.  Inquiries regarding the book may be made via telephone: 606-669-8401/ email: or by visiting the author’s website: