New Precision-Engineered Stroke Trainer Helps Players Develop A Consistently Straight Stroke

CLEVELAND, OH—Billiard Dynamics, LLC introduces the new CueTrack™ billiard stroke trainer designed and engineered to help players build a straight, uniform and consistent stroke with no side-to-side lateral movement. This new training aid consists of a Teflon-coated adaptor sleeve for the cue stick and a precision-engineered base with guideposts. According to Anthony J. Mattina and Randy J. Morris, company founders and developers of CueTrack™, this unique and effective trainer allows players to develop muscle memory of a proper and accurate pool stroke that can be performed consistently and reliably shot after shot, game after game.  CueTrack™ is available for $189 from, or by calling (404) 579-8210.

Both Mattina and Morris bring unique experience and a love of the game to the business and the new CueTrack™ system. Mattina, who picked up the game as a teenager, began making pool cues with a former Cleveland-area pool room owner. “It took me six years to learn to play pool,” explains Mattina, with lessons from a former pro, other players and league experience. “I was taught to develop imaginary lines, to straighten my alignment and delivery, and to try to ‘feel' when my stroke was perfect. I figured there had to be an easier way to get a perfectly straight stroke.”  

Mattina is a systems technology professional with a strong operations background.  With his understanding of the machining process, tolerances and tooling and a strong desire to perfect his stroke, Mattina began developing initial designs for CueTrack™ and is the original inventor of the CueTrack™ concept. He partnered with Morris, an accomplished pool player, engineer, and business professional, to perfect and produce the system and bring it to market. “This stroke trainer works,” Mattina says, “most shots are missed because of movement during the delivery stroke or due to misalignment. The ability to find the line of aim and stroke on that line is key to successful results during practice or competitive play. CueTrack™ allows you to build muscle memory so that your stroke is consistent, repeatable and trustworthy.”  Currently there is a patent pending on the CueTrack™ design.

Mattina boasts a high run of 72 balls in straight pool, is a Billiard Congress of America recognized instructor and recently attended the National Billiards Academy. Morris, who took lessons from Mattina when he first started playing seriously, has also attended the Academy and has studied the sport under the guidance of Helena Thornfeldt and Stevie Moore.

For more information on CueTrack™ or Billiard Dynamics, contact Tony Mattina at
(216) 548-5701 or visit or