Niki Rasmussen Takes Win on Fury Ladies Tour

It was an all-Orlando final as Niki Rasmussen and Jennifer Nelson battled for the win at Capone's in Springhill, Florida. The 6th Fury Ladies Florida stop brought 12 talented players together on July 16th, 2005 to vie for the $600 purse and higher rankings. The payout was sweetened by Kings Bay Promotions tour owner, Kay Higgins, who added money to the purse to round out the money.

After the early rounds, Niki Rasmussen had played her way to three match wins to meet Helene Caukin in the hot seat match. Caukin, who had placed third in the last event, had a bye and two wins under her belt before reaching the hot seat match. Rasmussen and Caukin fought back and forth in the beginning to tie at 4-4. A critical shot came in the next rack when Rasmussen ran out to the 7 but missed the 8. Caukin took a shot but overcut it, letting Rasmussen back to the table to take a 5-4 lead. It was deja vu in the next rack as Caukin ran out to the 7 but also missed the 8. Rasmussen took her opportunity and cinched the 8 and 9 to get on the hill at 6-4. A safety fight over the 7-ball in the next rack ended with Caukin getting an open shot and getting out to trail 6-5. Rasmussen took charge of the next rack and ran out from the 3-ball to secure the win 7-5.

When Caukin was sent to the B-side she met Jennifer Nelson who was serving revenge after a first-round loss to Patti Mitchell. Nelson dominated the B-side with two hill-hill wins and two 5-2 wins. When she met Caukin in the semis, Nelson was all warmed up and promptly won 5-1 to make it to the finals.

The finals brought Orlando's Niki Rasmussen and Jennifer Nelson together. Rasmussen had a shot at securing her first win this season after being a dominating player last season. Nelson had a chance to take her second win in a row to follow her break-through win last month. The first rack opened up for Niki and she ran out from the 2-ball to take a 1-0 lead. Nelson quickly tied it up 1-1 with a 9-ball snap in the next rack. Rasmussen ran out to the 7 in the next rack but a miss on the 8 cost her the lead as Nelson cleaned up to go 2-1. Rasmussen took advantage of the next rack and got Nelson stuck on two fouls: the game ended with Rasmussen taking out a 7-9 combo to tie at 2-2. In the fifth game, Nelson secured ball in hand on the 5-ball but failed to capitalize and a missed 7 gave Rasmussen the advantage at 3-2. Two errors on the 8-ball by Nelson in the next racks ended with Rasmussen sinking the 9's for a 5-2 lead. After her break in the next rack, Rasmussen played safe and gained ball in hand on the 4-ball and ran to the 7 but missed the 8. A fortunate roll left Nelson hooked behind the 9-ball. Nelson missed the kick and Rasmussen took the hill, 6-2. Rasmussen created some magic in the next rack and banked the 4 into the 9 for a successful combo to win 7-2.

1st Niki Rasmussen $280
2nd Jennifer Nelson $200
3rd Helene Caukin $120