Helene Caukin Takes Ladies Fury Win

Helene Caukin

The Ladies Amateur Fury tour began its second season with its season opener on January 29, 2005 at Fastbreak Billiards in Longwood, Florida. Helene Caukin came undefeated through a field of 15 ladies to take her first Fury win.

Starting off the day, Caukin sent players to the B-side to include Lisa Ashton, Amylyn Farrell, and Jessica Barnes. Meanwhile Amy Poulter was working her way to a chance at winning her second Fury event, including wins over 4th placed Patti Mitchell and 3rd placed Niki Rasmussen.

Poulter and Caukin met up for the hot seat match and Caukin kept up her winning ways to take queen of the hill, sending Poulter left to face Rasmussen in the semi finals. Rasmussen had worked her way back from an early loss to Mitchell and was looking for a comeback. Poulter took an early lead but Rasmussen came back to get on the hill but missed a crucial 8 ball for the match, sending Poulter back into the finals and leaving Rasmussen in 3rd.

In the rematch between Poulter and Caukin, Caukin seemed determined to take the whole match in one fell swoop, leading off with scores of 3-0, 5-1 and 5-2 in the race to 9 final. Poulter wasn?t leaving easily though and took opportunities to take the score to 5-4. Caukin took the next game but missed a 9 in the next rack to bring the score to 6-5, still in her favor. Poulter then capitalized on a missed 8 by Caukin to tie up the match at 6-6. In the next rack, Poulter tucked the cue ball behind the 7-ball to hook Caukin on the 6. Caukin missed the kick, giving ball in hand to Poulter on a 6-9 combo. This put the score in Poulter?s favor for the first time, 7-6. After trading racks and a snap on the 9 by Poulter, the score was all tied up at 8-8 and came down to the last three balls which Caukin shot in easily to win the match 9-8.

1st Helene Caukin $270
2nd Amy Poulter $160
3rd Niki Rasmussen $110
4th Patti Mitchell (sponsored by Poolies Billiards; Palm Bay, FL) $60