No Offense – A note from Barry Behrman

While watching the Mosconi Cup the past four days, which is always a pleasure, especially after going to a few of them, I have to ask myself a few questions.
First things first, congratulations to team Europe, again, as you guys deserve the cup to cherish for another year, but one of my concerns and without doubting the points system used now to determine who is on the teams, I believe two players should have been on the teams.
First, for the U.S.A., how could you leave a veteran Mosconi Cup player Corey Deuel off the team? Also, for Europe to not have Mika Immonen does not seem just in my mind. Both of these champions should have played. Again, no offense.
Recently, the Presidents Cup Golf, Fred Couples, had two captain picks and chooses Tiger Woods as one and look at what he did. His experience paid off greatly.
Also, Europe, you are smart to keep Captain Johan Ruijsink, who has never lost a Mosconi Cup. Please, no offense Charlie Williams, you have begun to blossom as a player and a promoter, but still, the U.S.A. Team needs someone a little older, wiser, and experienced, such as Nick Varner or Allen Hopkins, both Hall of Famers.
We all know they should have, could have, and would have, after the fact and I know all about that, that's for sure. Again, Barry Hearns and my friend Luke Riches, always do “the best pool production” in the world year, after year, after year.

To my two time U.S. Open Champion, Darren Appleton, you played great again this year. I am very proud of you and especially for being the gentleman and class act you are.
Just my thoughts today,
Barry Behrman
Founder & Promoter
U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships