Old Guard Feels The Heat in Vegas

Jasmin Ouschan

Day two of the Enjoypool.com 9-Ball Championship is complete and the day contained many different stories.

Efren Reyes' ten game comeback was certainly the story of the night, but the overall pattern of the day was that of upcoming players making their mark.

All day, top players were sent to the one loss side by players who are part of the new breed of players breaking out in the game today. One player who certainly let the WPBA players know she was ready for primetime was Jasmin Ouschan who scored a hill-hill win over former World Champion Ga-Young Kim. Ouschan went on to score a 9-2 win over Alice Rim later on Monday.

Ouschan was just one of the players scoring impressive wins on Monday. Wendy Jans followed up her 9-6 win over Dawn Fox with a 9-4 win over #7 ranked Tiffany Nelson. Xiao-Ting Pan continued her impressive play with a 9-6 win over Jeanette Lee. Although not a newcomer to the tour, Arizona's Angel Paglia scored a 9-7 win over #2 ranked Karen Corr.

On the men's side, Taipei's Po Cheng Kuo knocked crowd favorite Tony Robles to the one loss side 11-8. Kuo will next face Johnny Archer who scored an 11-0 win over John Schmidt on Monday.

Complete brackets for both events are posted and will be updated all week