One-Loss Side Claims Impressive Victims

Some big names are leaving the arena as the one-loss side slaughter continues at the Seminole Pro Tour. Jason Klatt ended the run for Shawn Putnam 9-3 at the same time that James Roberts tossed Shane Van Boening from the field 9-8. Alex Pagulayan rejoined the party and threw a big wet one on Jesse Engel 9-4.

Dennis Haar got past Ernesto Dominguez 9-7 and Hunter Lombardo just keeps rolling with an impressive 9-6 victory over Mike Dechaine to end his run. Larry Nevel defeated John Schmidt  9-0 and Thorsten Hohmann cruised past Shane Jackson 9-3.

This leaves us with the following matches for the one-loss side: Jason Klatt V James Roberts, George Rothrock V Alex Pagulayan, Dennis Haar V Hunter Lombardo and Larry Nevel V Thorsten Hohmann.

The four matches on the winner's side are not yet complete. We will bring you full results when they are.